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2008-Aug-31, 10:31 AM
Hi all

Well according to the records August has been the wettest month on record and I can believe that. The weather was looking a bit more promising last night and following a suggestion from a fellow imager I had another go at NGC 6992 but this time I added some OIII data to it to make a bi-colour image. Luckily the sky stayed cloud free long enough to get 9x10 minutes unguided subframes for each channel. The seeing was poor due to very faint mist in the air later in the evening and the sky never got totally dark despite no moon being present. The subframes were dark subtracted (10 darks), then aligned and combined using median combine in Maxim DL and then the two resulting master frames were colour combined in Maxim DL using Ha for red and OIII for green. The resulting colour image was then processed in Photoshop CS2

I have enclosed the full widefield version as well as a cropped closeup

Thanks for looking and hoping for a better September

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Since posting this image I had a couple of suggestions about adding data to obtain a blue channel so I have tried two methods
1. Creating a synthetic blue channel from the red and green channels using Noel's tools in Photoshop CS2
2. Using existing OIII in the blue channel and creating an RGB image in Maxim DL and then processing it in Photoshop CS2
I have posted the images on my website http://www.imagingtheheavens.co.uk in the nebulae section of the image gallery along with the other images for comparison, I would be interested to know what people think



2008-Aug-31, 08:00 PM
Hi Gordon, Very beautiful for a bi-color image. and great processing also. Welldone and looking forward to see more.

Mason Dixon
2008-Sep-01, 04:28 AM

2008-Sep-01, 06:40 AM
Beautiful image and great processing technique.

Are you using the new Maxim DL 5.0? If so, how is it working for you?

2008-Sep-01, 09:26 AM
I haven't taken the plunge with Maxim DL 5 yet, I have learnt from my mistakes in the past when upgrading to new versions of software, I will wait a while and see if there are any issues that need ironing out first
Best wishes