View Full Version : Communicating Via the Cepheid Galactic Internet

2008-Sep-04, 02:50 AM
If an alien species wanted to communicate with Earthlings, or any other civilization that might be out there, how might they do it? Some have proposed microwaves, neutrinos or lasers, or even moving stars around into patterns. But why wouldn't aliens just use the internet? The Cepheid Galactic Internet, that is. [...]

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2008-Sep-04, 12:25 PM
Fraser. I think we need a very large Indian blanket. Imaginative Indians used them to cover up campfires, and puff smoke signals to distant tribes....much faster than the Pony Express of the past centuries. It'd also give us a chance to use up all that unwanted asbestos, and carcinogenic dyes lying around. We'll need a big weaving frame for the warp and weft threading, and a genetically engineered Paul Bunyan to flap the blanket around...:shifty: pete