View Full Version : Questions Show - Black Hole Surfaces, Magnetic Field Strengths, and the Speed of Grav

2008-Sep-21, 09:26 AM
As you know, we wanted to answer listener questions regularly, but we found it was taking away from the regular weekly episodes of Astronomy Cast. So we've decided to just split it up and run the question shows separately from the regular Astronomy Cast episodes. If this works out, you might be able to enjoy twice the number of Astronomy Cast episodes. So if you've got a question on a topic we cover in a recent show, or you just have a general astronomy question, send it in to info@astronomycast.com. Either by email, or record your question and email in the audio file.

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2008-Sep-21, 11:48 AM
Very interesting, but what I want to know is, if nothing can escape a black hole how do the gravitons get out?

2008-Sep-22, 05:40 AM
They use their Get Out Of Black Hole Free card.

I apologize if levity is not allowed here.

2008-Sep-22, 07:31 AM
I apologize if levity is not allowed here.

No, no.. You're thinking of levitation.

2008-Sep-22, 02:35 PM
maybe, just maybe. gravity is just warped spacetime. No gravitons. The three fundamental forces (electromagnetism, weak and strong can be unified because they are different aspects of the same thing. Gravity on the other hand, could be just nothing more than bent spacetime. What is interesting is what makes spacetime change in the presence of matter. Its as if the access to the point in spacetime, denied to other particles, by the presence of a particle at that particular coordinate is balanced out by a gravitational field that effectively stretches to infinity. Seems to me that there is some sort of Conservation Law or symmetry involved here, between a point and the infinite. The difficulty is describing what is going on mathematically. We are dealing with infinities and the mathematics tends to break when infinities show up in formulas.