View Full Version : Earth's Precious Metals Could Be From Meteorites and Asteroids

2008-Sep-22, 03:00 PM
Meteorites and asteroids from the inner solar system could be responsible for Earth's store of precious metals such as platinum and iridium, brought to our nascent planet during the period of Late Heavy Bombardment, about 4,000 million years ago. Dr. Gerhard Schmidt from the University of Mainz, Germany, has calculated that about 160 metallic [...]

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2008-Sep-23, 04:12 AM
There's a problem, however. Of the 175 known impact craters on Earth, remains of the projectiles have been found for about 40, and none of these meteorites have been identified as being formed in the region between Mercury and Venus.
Why let the utter lack of empirical evidence confound an otherwise perfectly good theory?

Uniform distribution is also consistent with uniform distribution before the asteriod bombardment; a simple, plausible alternative hypothesis that also happens to be consistant with the evidence from known impacts.