View Full Version : It was a marvelous view yesterday

2008-Sep-30, 12:45 PM
Yesterday I took one tour outside of the city on the bike for my official work at one place just 40km away, so when I was returning from that place through the forest, I saw a tennis ball like meteor falling on the road, so I was much amazed that I could capture that meteor on the road, but my badluck the meteor in the near by agricultural field just some feets away from the concrete road, and distance between the falling object and me was just 30 meteres. It's light was=venus's view from earth. :)

I thought it was falling on the road, and road was quite clean, there were no more stones on the road, hence I thought that I can capture the falling meteor. When the meteor was falling there was just a little sound which I heard "soooooooooooo-thaaaaaaad".

Prima facie I thought is it a cracker, but no, it was a shure shot meteor.

So, incase I could succeed in capturing the same meteor, so in which cost I could sell out that meteor in the "auction hall". !!

God blessed it was not fall on my head. :)