View Full Version : Moon/Antares occultation!

2008-Oct-04, 12:58 PM
Hey all.

Tonight i've been out photographing the Moon in Scorpius (thread to follow) and the Moon/Antares occultation, from Brisbane, Australia.

It wasnt untill almost too late that i took most of the occultation photos, so the moon is amoung some trees. Atleast i got it though.

Using a Fuji S5800 (8mp, 10x optical) digital camera i was able to take some decent photos. Its been a windy night and i dont have a tripod, so there is a little bit of blurr in some as i was using a 4" exposure for all photos.

The first shot i took earlier in the night, it looks great, not sure what ISO was used, i think its at 10x optical.

Second and third shots are ISO = 200 and 100, respectivly. Both at 10x optical.

Fourth shot is at 51x optical/digital zoom. ISO = 100

hope you enjoy.


2008-Oct-07, 02:04 AM
Well done capturing this event.

2008-Oct-07, 01:44 PM

I'm glad to finally be contributing to these forums. Capturing special events is something that i'm keen to do.


2008-Oct-08, 01:56 PM
nice set of photos... well done