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2008-Oct-06, 10:54 AM
Some years ago (about 5 i think) I bought the Apollo 15 DVD set from SC Films- it had another cover compared to the one on the web-site now and had a "Space History Series" label on it.

Having since purchased all the other Apollo sets, I have noticed that the contents of this Apollo 15 set are different in that it does not have pre or post flight interviews on Disc 1, all the training, roll out operations etc are all silent (no audio), there is no in-between-stations audio etc.
I wanted to know if the current A15 set is still the same or whether it has been "upgraded" to match the others. I can't find any details on the website.
An e-mail to Mark has not received a reply.

Does anybody here have the "new" A15 set ?

2008-Oct-24, 09:36 AM
I'm not so lucky with replies...

I take it nobody has the new A15 set then ? Mark from Spacecraft Films hasn't replied either so it seems I'm stuck for an answer.


2008-Oct-24, 10:15 AM
Sorry Apolloman. I've dug up two links for you, see if they're any help.
From a quick scan, it does seem that you have a different set, but you'd be a better judge of that:
A good description (http://moonpans.com/dvdapollo15.htm)
The Amazon review page (http://www.amazon.com/Apollo-15-Explore-Extended-Collectors/dp/B0001NBM58)

p.s Don't buy anything more from a company that doesn't return emails! :)

2008-Oct-24, 10:32 AM
I have the Apollo 15 set. I bought it 4 years ago. It reads Extended Collector's Edition on the cover and it does have audio during the pre-flight activities. The audio during the rover training and the rover fit check footage is from the science commentary during EVA#1. The CSM/LM checkout footage audio is from LM onboard recorder during lunar orbit rendezvous. The audio during the rollout footage is the actual audio from the crawler itself, I think. The audio during Pre-Lauch Alert is from post-flight medical debriefing. And it does have traverse audio between stations. Hope that helps. :)

2008-Oct-24, 10:45 AM
PraedSt: Thanks a lot, I'll check these out ! Appreciate the time.

P.s. SCF are the absolute best - wouldn't purchase from anybody else

JMV : You are the man (or woman):lol: !!! What outstanding news, this is what I was looking for ... you've just made my day (i'm a simpleton - it doesn't make much to make a day). This is going on my IMMEDIATE shopping list!

Yup, I should also get a life.:doh:

2008-Oct-24, 10:52 AM
P.s. SCF are the absolute best - wouldn't purchase from anybody else

It'll end in tears... ;)

2008-Oct-24, 11:21 AM
it already has :lol:+:cry: