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Quasi-stellar Guy
2008-Oct-07, 01:38 AM
I just got some email from spaceweather.com that says a very small space rock will enter the atmosphere and possibly explode in a few hours.

ASTEROID 2008 TC3: A small, newly-discovered asteroid named 2008 TC3 is approaching Earth and chances are good that it will hit. Measuring only a few meters across, the space rock poses no threat to people or structures on the ground, but it should create a spectacular fireball, releasing about a kiloton of energy as it disintegrates and explodes in the high atmosphere. At least one expert estimates that atmospheric entry will occur on Oct 7th at 0246 UTC over northern Sudan.

No Armageddon... But I would certainly like to be there to see it come down!
Cell phones are everywhere, so hopefully someone will capture it.

2008-Oct-07, 01:45 AM
Some pics to look forward to tomorrow!

2008-Oct-07, 01:54 AM
There are at least three threads about this now.


Seems to be the longest.

2008-Oct-07, 09:40 AM
Godlike Productions, as I type this, has a 40 page thread on this asteroid.:whistle:

2008-Oct-07, 02:11 PM
What is this Godlike productions? And do I really want to know.

2008-Oct-07, 02:46 PM
What is this Godlike productions? And do I really want to know.
We normally regard them as cranks, who extrapolate wildly from what is known to discuss what 'could be'. I think of them as kind of a fun-loving live-action fiction writers group, who are amused when people take them seriously and get up in arms.

Celestial Mechanic
2008-Oct-07, 03:13 PM
What is this Godlike Productions? And do I really want to know?
Pretty much what antoniseb said. I will only visit there when I need a laugh, after which I usually have a strong urge to shower. Also, do not visit there from work and be sure your home system's browser has security set to high because they have been suspected of harboring malware in the past.

As I like to put it, "The 'productions' at Godlike Productions are not very 'godlike'." :D

2008-Oct-07, 03:40 PM
I think I will stick with Satanlike Productions. Those guys have a sense of humor about it all. :D

2009-Feb-20, 07:57 PM
In case you missed it, they found chucks of 2008 TC3.
I'm not sure how many threads about this were created. But I'm not spamming, I swear.