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2008-Oct-08, 12:23 AM
1. True/ False: You would perceive a change in a visible light wave's amplitude
as a change in its color.

2. To see the Sun's hot corona (a temperature of 1,000,000 K, which part of the electromagnetic spectrum should one observe?
a. the x-ray
b. the visible
c. the ultraviolet
d. the infrared
e. the radio

3. What is true of a blackbody?
a. its energy is not a continuum.
b. Its energy peaks at the wavelength determined by its temperature.
c. If its temperature doubled, the peak in its curve would be doubled in
d. It appears black to us, regardless of its temperature.
e. It has a complete absence of thermal energy.

4. Stefan's Law says:
a. that if the Sun's temperature were doubled, it would give off 16X
more energy.
b. that doubling the star's temperature would also double its peak
c. the hotter a star's surface, the bluer it looks to us.
d. the energy radiated by a blackbody is proportional to T to the 3rd.
e. E =mc2 (squared)

5. Both sound waves and electromagnetic radiation:
a. require a medium to move through space.
b. can move through space without a medium.
c. are tranverse waves.
d. transfer energy.
e. travel at the speed of light.

6. True/ False: X-rays travel at a greater speed than radio waves.

7. If a wave's frequency doubles, its wavelength
a. is also doubled.
b. becomes 16 longer.
c. is halved.
d. is unchanged, as c is constant.
e. is now 4 longer.

8. True/ False: a blue star has a higher surface temperature than a red star.

9. If a light source is approaching you at a speed very close to the speed of light, it will appear:
a. redder than it is.
b. lower temperature than it is.
c. fainter than it is.
d. bluer than it is.
e. brighter than it is.

10. What does the phenomenon of diffraction demonstrate?
a. the wave nature of light
b. the particle nature of the photon
c. the quantization of atomic orbitals
d. the polarization of light waves
e. the process of ionization

Van Rijn
2008-Oct-08, 12:44 AM
Well, at least you're honest that these are assignment questions, but we're not here to do your school work for you. If you have one or two conceptual problems, present them, and I'm sure many would be happy to give you hints and help you work through them. But for these questions, I'm sure you have school materials to refer to.

2008-Oct-08, 12:46 AM
Those sound like great questions. Some are so easy I don't know why you haven't answered them yourself yet.

1) All waves have amplitude and frequency. What this means to perception I leave to you.

2) 1 million degrees is really hot. Super hot.

5b) when we say moving through space without a medium, does that mean without a psychic to guide you?

6) Now we have a problem, comparing rays to waves. Apples to apples please.

2008-Oct-08, 09:23 AM
Well, at least you're honest that these are assignment questions, but we're not here to do your school work for you


2008-Oct-08, 02:58 PM
The reason you have such an assignment is that it is part of the educational strategy in getting you to learn. If we just give you the answers, this would be a shortcut that bypasses the learning! This board helps people to learn, not to bypass learning.