View Full Version : Oh those evil polls...

2003-Oct-24, 03:35 AM
What should we do with people who keep making polls? :)

2003-Oct-24, 03:40 AM
I like polls...it allows people who might be nervous to voice their opinion to vote without peopel knowing who they are....and they are a really fast way to get a general idea of what people's opinions are without reading 10000000 posts!

2003-Oct-24, 03:41 AM
I was basically just refering to all the silly polls, such as this one. :P

2003-Oct-24, 03:47 AM
FUN FUN FUN all POLLS ARE FUN!!! and hey if we cant be silly it ain't worth livin! Be silly i love polls!

8-[ 8-[ 8-[ Runs away from the men in white coats 8-[ 8-[ 8-[

2003-Oct-24, 04:30 AM
So what punishment is in store for you Dragonlor?

2003-Oct-24, 04:41 AM
No punishment for me. I selected the 'Nothing! we love polls' option just for me.

2003-Oct-24, 05:03 AM
Only the way the poll is going - that will not be the outcome decided by consensus.

2003-Oct-24, 08:48 AM
*looks at the way the poll is going* :-? :o


*starts packing a suitcase full of 'I love Zetans' t-shirts* #-o

2003-Oct-24, 02:22 PM
But, as there is not Planet X, how can we launch you towards it?

2003-Oct-24, 08:30 PM
Just launch towards the sun and hope Planet X bobbles into it. #-o

pi is exactly 3
2003-Oct-25, 12:36 AM
I say we pumble them with timbits.
It's the tradition Canadian way.

Note: might not understand the humour if not Canadian.