View Full Version : Death From The Skies! ...in my hands...

2008-Oct-16, 08:26 PM
Thanks Amazon!

Am I first?

2008-Oct-16, 08:56 PM
It's still on my wishlist . . . .

Seriously, we've about reached the time of year when I don't buy anything for myself (I have a December birthday, and I hate having bought what I get as a present!), so I probably won't get it until January, unless I get it from someone (my mom, maybe?) for Christmas or my birthday.

2008-Oct-16, 10:01 PM
Mine was waiting on the porch, in a box from Amazon, when I came home for lunch around 1pm CT. Yippeeeeeeeeee!

I think I actually clutched it to my chest after ripping it from the box and cackled evily as I repeated the title several times. Without an audience even.

2008-Oct-17, 12:07 AM
Mine arrive a day early (yesterday) and I was up until 2 am reading it. Great stuff, Phil!

2008-Oct-23, 02:30 PM
I just looked into my Amazon Account from work and it tells me the book was delivered today... I can't wait getting home to take it out of my mailbox.

2008-Oct-25, 06:08 PM
I bought my copy at Borders today....great book reading during these Cloudy Nights in New Hampshire