View Full Version : ISS crew rotation

2008-Oct-21, 05:08 PM
Hi everyone, I have a Question.

How will the ISS crew rotation be managed when they switch to six man crew's?

Will it be a 6 people expedition for 6 months duration, Two 3 people expeditions at once, or something else?



Larry Jacks
2008-Oct-21, 06:25 PM
I don't know the answer but I'll offer a guess. The Soyuz capsules are good for 6 months at the ISS. You'll need two of them to provide a lifeboat for 6 astronauts/cosmonauts. My guess is that they'll send up 3 people every 3 months in a fresh Soyuz. Each crew would be up there for 6 months with a 50% overlap between crews. They may deorbit a Soyuz with 3 people before the next 3 arrive in order to free up a docking port but that's just speculation on my part.

If they tried to send up 6 people at a time, you'd need to launch 2 Soyuz capsules close to one another. You'd then face possible contention for docking ports in addition to the challenges of launching and controlling the two Soyuz capsules.