View Full Version : Me and Toseek are planning to visit Saturn this summer, would you like to come !

2008-Oct-24, 11:47 AM
Please give your precious guidance, that which vehicle will be most suitable for us to go there. How much fuel we need to carry with the payloads, which is the best short cut way to reach Saturn in few days?

Infact we are thinking to triple lift off from earth,moon and mars, later we are using some capsules(a small space-plane), just shown in the movie "star-war", to reach every place safely like phobos, demos, titan etc.

Do you suggest that moon>mars>phobos>titan>saturn, or which way will be the best to reach there?

Do you think that which software support will be the best to keep consistent contact with the earth station?

Are you interested to join this mission, then no need to send your cv, no need to pay any kind of fee, just say "Yes".

What would be the earth-saturn-earth itineary? Which things may be best to take there?

What would you suggest about different equipment to carry on to Saturn?

We both are commanders for this mission, all other participants in this mission will be the sub-commanders.

I am starting the project report for this trip as follows:
Reaching moon first in just 2 day, later going to mars in 3 nights and 2 day then in 8 hours we are reaching on phobos and in some 15 days we will be on titan and just in some 5 days we will be on the Saturn’s ring.

How do you like this trip project report, yet the detail report has to print, the composition is in final stage of this mission.

Suggest your ideas being the participant in this mission.

2008-Oct-24, 01:44 PM
are babies allowed suntrack?
if not, sorry i'll hang around here.
if they are, i'll have to clear it with his school first.

2008-Oct-24, 03:08 PM
suntrack..? why isn't this in 'exploration', rather than here.
a trip to outer planets isn't exactly, 'off-topic' is it?
unless you want to weigh-in, the inevitable frivolity factor, which will at some stage, raise its laughing head!

2008-Oct-24, 03:32 PM
I'll come with! :D Love Saturn.

No special directions are needed: Simply aim the spacecraft for Saturn and gun the accelerator. :p

2008-Oct-24, 09:20 PM
Can we stop in at the Jovian system on the way?

2008-Oct-24, 10:39 PM
What's up with all the pithy OT Babbling topics lately? :rolleyes:

2008-Oct-25, 12:04 AM
It is necessary to justify the use of 'babbling' in the forum name.

I'd so hate to be the first astronaut sent to another planet, only to find a stake in the ground with a sign nailed to it reading "Toseeked!"

2008-Oct-25, 04:04 AM
I suppose...hey, how do we know ToSeek is really onboard with this? http://www.bautforum.com/images/icons/icon12.gif

2008-Oct-25, 09:49 AM
i remember Antoniseb was onboard a trip to Mars a while back.......(i missed it, late for launch..and dinner)

2008-Oct-29, 12:53 PM
Thanks for showing interest in the Saturn exploration, this exploration preparation is a long program, it consist of some thousands papers to clear first, a synopsis and other abstracts are in the printing press, and they are mostly awaited to receive me, but remember one thing here, the normal weight of this flight will be equals to 10 jumbo jet 747 airplanes, now you can imagine " what a big exploration team is going on the saturn". This will be the historical trip in the sky. I will declare the correct date of lift-off, because now the mind preparation is processing step by step, because the distance is quite huge. Only a single member can participate in this mission.

What these papers consist of :the complete project, the journey, the mission, travelling modes, we are managing to lift off one hotel from earth there specially for eating purpose, we are also accompanying some masters of the mars mission from the fun fun fun (a true mars mission). Lot of other things are yet to decide, but the work is in progress.

We have following vaccancies on the board: system manager, system advisor, system administrator, system planner, system designer, system locator, mathematician, statestician, doctors in nephrology, opthalmology, respiratory system, limphatic system, doctor of brain all are required, some flight pursers, 200cooks, 300 special asistants, 400 security guards, 500 computer programmers, 50 pilots, 100 ground officers, 20 officers on moon, 15 on mars, 5 on phobos, and some other staff is the main requirement for this mission. when everything will be ready the mission may start in that condition. Interview will be taken for the above posts in the International space junction (just 500kms in vertical direction from earth).

Ofcourse this is a fun mission. :)

2008-Oct-29, 01:08 PM
..... Only a single member can participate in this mission.
..... Ofcourse this is a fun mission. :)
so you can count me out for this one, suntrack...and anyway, for me, there's no fun without children....
so...have fun. i'll hang around here. thanks.

2008-Oct-29, 01:08 PM
You want Cities in Flight (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cities_in_Flight) :)

2008-Oct-29, 01:43 PM
Do we get cool flight suits like the Heaven's Gate crew got?

2008-Oct-29, 07:43 PM
Can we stop in at the Jovian system on the way?

What a Jovial idea, Kai!

2008-Oct-30, 04:50 PM
What a Jovial idea, Kai!

yes, ofcourse the jovian trip is added in the program. well the 65 after burners are ready in the factory, which will filled with some tons of liquid propellants and other material into it, and other backing power is also safeguared to keep for a long use. why 65 after burners : because we have to create a super thirst to reach the moon in one day, there on moon our machines will take rest for some weeks, you know cooling down process is must because we have to cross a big distance, hence the program has been set up to take the rest for 3 weeks atleast on moon. During this period we will take some exercise towards further journey, probably we will reach on mars after visiting moon, between that we have to look some other places in the space, we are searching one star which is made of pure gold. Our scientist team is very active and enthusiastic to find number of new things everyday there.

Now the architects are engaged in the final design of this jumbo space shuttle. All facilities are added in this space shuttle such as liabrary, tennis court, swimming tank, baseball small stadium, badminton court, polo game court, cricket ground, and lot of other game like chess, 300 video game monitors to play at every nook and corner of this space shuttle. :)

We are also keeping some stock of liquid hydrogen, oxygen, laughing gas ( you know laughing is good in the space) :), and some other gasses we are taking accompany with us.

We are planning to play one parajumping game on the moon ( who is jumping on the moon very first and reach very slowly). we are also moving some 25 automatic solar cars on the moon of which the back up of some liquid fluroscent batteries so that they will run even in the "no sun light" period on the moon.

We are also visiting the opportunity rovers, phoenix mission tools on the surface of the mars,we are also leaving there lot of messeges on the mars, we are also leaving one DVD on the surface of the mars for visiotors.

For the rest of program/projects etc, wait for the next news.

2008-Oct-30, 08:15 PM
a cricket ground suntrack...?
well i never....!

2008-Oct-30, 10:41 PM
WHAT! No archaeologists or geologists!

I suppose I could sign on as a cleaner, but I noticed there's no personnel allocation for them either.

coud get bit whiffy :lol:

2008-Oct-31, 01:00 AM
Do you need a photographer? I'm good at that.

2008-Nov-02, 11:02 AM
Ha, well lot other games are also included, because what people will do when our space shuttle fly on a very high level, we are thinking that people who are accompanying should not become lazy hence we are trying to give them every amusement, and to "capture their images we want some hundreds of photographers, because these photographers will do only the work of "taking the photographs of the companions", they will only take care of the inner public in the space shuttle, no billing method will be work out, "take your thousands of photos from the photographers" will absolutely free, and we are setting one very high resolution print developing and printing photo factory in the space shuttle, because if someone want a immediate photographs then it will be possible to take from that photo laboratory.

Ozzy: we want some geologists, palentologist, optholmologits,economist, doctors, archeologists, anthropologists, ornithologist (they will study the flying birds nearby our space shuttle in the sky, like golden hock and other high altitude birds). Ok. we also want some geologists ofcourse because they are the backbone of this giant mission to saturn which will going to take off this summer, do not forget to see it's lift off, because the lift-off will be full of fun and a multi giant and global decoration along with a very huge decible sound and other electronic equipments such as "leser dance", gama ray bursting speakers, to rock the "space music" when the lift-off will start then.OK.

rest program and other releases will be convey you time to time. Mahesh criket ground will be use to take the dinner, because to provide dinner to the space mission members it is easy to serve them in cricket stadium like arrangement in the space shuttle, you got it now. The members will seat like a spectators and the kitchen commanders will give their serve from the central part of the cricket stadium, now you perfectly got the idea, you will be given one "dinner pass" before some 2 hours in advance.

2008-Nov-04, 03:38 PM
Yesterday, the running simulator, fixing cameras, Saturn mapping camera, synthetic apogee radar equipments etc. experiments done and found successful in the extra planetary laboratory.

2008-Nov-06, 05:30 PM
Go here:

But our after burners will be thousand time big than this one.
In an official move some hundreds of baut members shown interest to come on saturn this summer, but some 800 seats are reserved, first come first basis reservations are available, "please do not press me to give the window seat".


2008-Nov-06, 07:31 PM
you are funny suntrack.....we love you, really. inspite of 'no window seat' ....

edit: ahem...can i bake my pizzas, by one of those gorgeous exhausts....only take a jiffy...fastest pizzas in the Universe...

2008-Nov-06, 11:02 PM
Oooh, I've been to the place that picture was taken!

2008-Nov-07, 05:18 PM
Oooh, I've been to the place that picture was taken!

We are forming one prohibition rule for the camera users in the space shuttle, hence I urge to all the photographers of baut forum that to bring only a large size camera of which the resolution and the capacity not less than some 500 GB card, what happen a small size camera is not at all capable to capture the space shuttle image in single window, hence it will be suitable to bring at least 3 x 3 feet camera along with you just like a big laptop screen and some buttons aside. ( we are not taking any care of any cameras on the board since we don't have a safe lockers in the space shuttle, because we think all things for all, hence who take gurantees that who will capture with whose camera). No restriction has been dropped hence one can use anything of others in the space shuttle, there is no rule as such, one can even read a book or play video game in the cokpit, our pilots will don't get disturb. Please in meantime you can tell them some jokes, a special training has been given to them to hear the jokes during piloting the demon like giant space shuttle of which one switch is just like a big musical drum. (see in the picture).

2008-Nov-09, 04:46 PM
Today I am sending a invitation to our members and other crews and to our Honorable Commander for this mission Mr. Toseek. :) Invitation chips are dispatched to them. (Because for this mission we have made everything in the form of nano chips, no paper work is there in the space shuttle. All chips can be run on only 260 digit passwords only) this work is not that simple just like to "spread butter on the bread and eat it", this work require a compumathemagitian.

And that fellow is with us (his name will be kept in the hidden mode). So the date is coming nearer to fasten the seat belts, actually there is no need to fasten the belts, because we already have a big large simulator which will run on the ground till the zero gravity broken by the space shuttle, it is actually helping our members to live already in the zero gravity, hence there will not be any belts on the board. Please come on the board at the "check in well window of the space station" after taking your meal from your home.

I assure you on the board you will be link with your family members for 24 hours access on the special monitors. If someone want to talk with his or her family member then there is no limit to talk, talk on ham-phone, talk on satellite cell phone, talk on infrared telephone, talk on the land line phone(wireless), talk on the speaker phone, talk through the dish TV interactive phone system, talk on the Pam top speakers, talk from your control monitors, talk from every corner from the space shuttle.

We have a following program: starting journey by lifting off our space station "cape of good hope" station early in the morning at 7 'o' clock, then we will reach in just 8 hours on the moon's surface. We are taking rest on the moon for some 15 days, we will do some detail study of the Martian whether, because mars is our "middle journey main station". Later we are going to proceed to start journey towards Saturn. Infact very firstly we are going to revolve along with Saturn rings, we are doing the detail mapping of the rings, also filming the rings on the super-videopod.

Then we could reach on the main globe of the Saturn.

We have to face the gravity pressure on the Saturn, hence we are fixing some bouncing balls on our space shuttle, which will consistently bounce and could not get any damage in such a environment. Where ever we will reach the bouncing balls will sustain the landings on the surface.

Welcome Commander Mr. Toseek to take all controls of this mission.

The other information related with the vehicles attached to our giant space station.

1. Supersonic ram jet, (50) 2. Extra terrestrial mapping vehicle,(25) 3. B2, f-100, like design airplanes (60), large hydrogen collapsible non pilot helicopters,(75). (Actually when their fuel will end they will collapse on the spot without any damage), latter its machines will start to work on the dust which will erupt from the collapse on the surface. It will just work like Genesis capsule mission. :)

The figures in the bracket are consisting of number of items, please note.

You all are welcome on the board. Because the time is coming so nearer to start the mission, before that please read our manuals very first before starting the mission, please do your homework now.

2008-Nov-10, 07:42 PM
i'd be careful, giving ...
..ham-phones to your companions, who miss out on
.."dinner pass"..
you might run out of stock. so take plenty!
Bon Appétit et Bon Voyage....

2008-Nov-11, 12:41 PM
We are preparing different stuff for this giant mission, we are thinking that it will not be a mission impossible, we are making everything possible.

Look the following photos you will get a gurantee that the saturn mission is going to start soon.

Firstly we are sending one supersonic observation flight from moon towards saturn, it will confirm our path, it will send us a useful information that how to go easily and by using some shortcuts we will be able to reach on saturn easily. ( see that plane in the picture below).

We have fixed one extra brilliant sattelite on the nose of the space shuttle who recently send us the image of saturn's storms.(see in the photo).

saturn is calling you......http://www.avertedimagination.com/img_pages/saturn_04_07.html

2008-Dec-14, 05:23 PM
we are receiving millions of application they wanted to join this "mission's shuttle", I said them, this is a space shuttle, this is not a project of large hydogen collider. But I said them, they will give a single controlling button at their home, if they switch on the button from their home, they will get a virtual experience that they are sitting in our space shuttle. Other millions of applications and billions of sms are stored in one biggest folder, we will open that folder when we will on the mars, because on mars our stay will be of some 15 days, so if we read that folder on the mars, our time will gone very best. Are you still interested then say "yes" in the yes box below. (just click on the yes). You will be automatically entered in this misson. No hazzle dazzle, first come first serve basis, you will get one missions certificate also (of which the profarma may be fix after the completion of this mission). Ok.


2008-Dec-15, 12:23 AM
Count me in!

2008-Dec-15, 05:06 PM
Count me in!

Your registration procidure is done well, and the large machine has dropped one card in the card rack in which your password for this whole mission was typed by the machine, please always open all the doors of this giant shuttle with the help of this password, if you want to move in the space shuttle, and remind the same password can be use for "automated kitchen on the board" (food is unlimited there, but the kitchen people are not real people they are robot, because we know that serving to the large number of crew is not possible in few minutes, hence we have kept some robos in the kitchen, you just send them a sms through our special "space cellphone", they will immediately serve you your favorite dish in your second hand (because your second hand is in use on the cell phone) :)
write down your password : G122122245.2236/45877778452%=E23.222525263548995652>.005.002/M456985698523652#1=@I.002321:565244877789562332N=1 2.00000000000121254256=I (you will find your spelling in this password GEMINI).

If you drop inverse values on the password machine in the space shuttle, your registration will be cancel on mars, means in that case one has to rest on mars, he/she will not be entitled to get on saturn. :)