View Full Version : Launch of Endeavour Lights Up the Night

2008-Nov-15, 02:10 AM
With a waning gibbous moon hanging over the launch pad, Space Shuttle Endeavour lit up the night sky with a spectacular and gorgeous liftoff, right on time at 7:55 EST. Endeavour is carrying a load of equipment for a "home improvement project" for the International Space Station. Included on board are a urine [...]

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2008-Nov-15, 02:50 PM
Light! Blinding, pure, white-on-white, flaring from the base of the gantry like a foundling star, turning midnight to noon in an instant...

Sound! Thunder whip-cracking across the Cape, a million pounds of thrust hammering at the Earth...

... until, finally, the star begins to move. Slowly, at first, but gaining speed with every second, rising into the heavens.
-Chris Claremont, Uncanny X-Men 99