View Full Version : It's Official: Juno is Going to Jupiter

2008-Nov-24, 09:40 PM
NASA has decided to return to Jupiter with a mission to conduct an unprecedented, in-depth study of the largest planet in our solar system. The mission is called Juno, and it will be the first in which a spacecraft is placed in a highly elliptical polar orbit around the giant planet to understand its formation, [...]

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2008-Nov-24, 10:08 PM
Boy, first the poor girl gets pregnant and her life is told in a movie, and now they're sending her to Jupiter! :eek:

What.... oh, not that Juno.... oh... Never mind.


2008-Nov-24, 10:16 PM
You beat me to it.

2008-Nov-24, 10:16 PM
Man, I was just about to come in and post pretty much the same thing.

2008-Nov-24, 10:17 PM
At least it will be easy for people to remember the name.

2008-Nov-25, 10:26 PM
Great minds think a like.....

What's our excuse? ;)