View Full Version : Ex-NASA Associate Administrator's Anger at the "Cancer" Overtaking US Space Agency

2008-Nov-26, 12:40 AM
It is rare you'll see such a high-ranking ex-NASA official being so blunt with his criticism of the US space agency. Alan Stern resigned as associate administrator on April 11th this year under a cloud of controversy after it was reported the Mars Exploration Rover budget would be cut; with an emphasis on switching Spirit [...]

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2008-Nov-26, 11:46 AM

From what I read in the article it seems that Mr Stern believes that a new "ethos" of what can be best described as beaurocratic inertia has supplanted the old NASA ethos of "can do".

Although I'm observing from across the pond in Britain, it has been noticed over here that NASA seems to be recieving a lot of criticism from a lot of directions,quite a few of them from ex-employees and insiders.

I still believe that NASA has a major role to play in space exploration and not just for the United States of America, with the experience gained over the decades from the various initiatives begun by NASA and its many joint endeavours with other agencies and countries it would be unfortunate to assume that the problems within the agency are as endemic as reported.

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