View Full Version : Wood Plank Found on Mars?

2008-Dec-01, 08:10 PM
Over the long holiday weekend, Universe Today was flooded with emails from readers who asked us to comment on an image taken by the Opportunity rover that appears to show a plank of wood laying on the surface of Mars. The image, above, (here's the full resolution image) was taken in May of 2004, [...]

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2008-Dec-02, 12:41 AM
Nice article. It's a shame, though, that you had to devote so much space (nearly 1/3 of the entire article) to pre-answering the inevitable hoax believers' challenges.

Maybe one day the human race will truly be able to claim to be intelligent. Until then, the search for intelligent life in the universe continues...

Tesarra. :lol: Thank you. Needed that today. ;) pete

edit: Oh! Oh! So that's where Noah's ark landed...boy that rainfall must have covered the Earth millions of miles deep in water....then the Ark landed on Mars as it passed by....that's where all the erosion of Mars comes from...Phew...there's a lot of stuff here...wakes up, slaps self, goes back to sleep...