View Full Version : black hole in center of every galaxy?

2008-Dec-05, 11:21 PM
Is it true there is a black hole in the center of every galaxy? If so, dose that mean there used to be a mega-star in the centers as well?

2008-Dec-05, 11:28 PM
I think the black holes were caused by the massive weight of gas and matter collapsing in on itself when the galaxy was in the early stages of its growth. Don't quote me on that.

2008-Dec-06, 12:26 AM
Since we haven't checked every galaxy for the presence of a black hole at its center, one can't say definitively. However, it's suspected that such would be the normal situation.

2008-Dec-06, 01:25 AM
thanks guys. I'm recently getting more interested about the unkowns of the universe I have a little catching up to do on facts and info. Please excuse me if I seem dumb and uninformed.

2008-Dec-06, 02:13 AM
Seeming and being are very different, and few here forget that. Further, one is endemic and the other has many cures, each with a face or a publisher.