View Full Version : "Stairways" on Mars Lead to Clues on Cyclical, Moderate Climate

2008-Dec-06, 03:00 PM
We see evidence on Mars' surface of a violent past: massive volcanic eruptions, catastrophic floods, and a surface scarred with craters. But new images of rock formations on Mars resembling stairs suggest Mars at one time had a regular pattern of predictable and even moderate climate cycles persisting for millions of years. [...]

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2008-Dec-06, 10:43 PM
Hate to say it, because I love Mars, but that's sort of ugly. :( Yeah, I know we're not going for aesthetics here, but..... Are they called "steppes"? I've seen pics of somewhat-circular/graded Martian "steppes" by MOC (?). I know MOC is gone, btw. Anyway, those formations reminded me of the shells of certain tortoises. Tried to find an example at APOD archive; no luck.