View Full Version : "Leap Second" to be Added to World Clocks

2008-Dec-09, 02:20 PM
If you ever feel like you need more time, here's some great news: you're actually going to get it. On December 31, 2008 a “leap second” will be added to the world’s clocks at 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). This corresponds to 6:59:59 pm Eastern Standard Time, [...]

More... (http://www.universetoday.com/2008/12/09/leap-second-to-be-added-to-world-clocks/)

2008-Dec-09, 04:37 PM
But, but, our New Years Eve countdowns will all be wrong!

2008-Dec-09, 07:03 PM
Actually, New Year's celebrations are way over-rated, and as you get along, pretty much seem the same, but you don't get a chance to hold a leap-second celebration every day....now there's a party theme worth doing:dance::clap:;) pete