View Full Version : More Thoughts (and now math!) On What Came Before the Big Bang

2008-Dec-17, 01:10 AM
Physicist Sean Carroll gave a wonderful talk at the June 2008 American Astronomical Society meeting about his "speculative research" on what possibly could have existed before The Big Bang. (Here's an article about Carroll's talk.) But now Carroll and some colleagues have done a bit more than just speculate about what might have come [...]

More... (http://www.universetoday.com/2008/12/16/more-thoughts-and-now-math-on-what-came-before-the-big-bang/)

2008-Dec-17, 01:41 AM
i like it, it falls in line or what i think falls in line as to what i believe happened/is happening now and before the big bang.


The life span, shape and size of the universes created are directly proportional to the energy of the collision between interacting membranes. A collision happens and the energy is released into its own dimension, the new universe is born and expands into its own space, inflating like a bubble in a foam. Then there is a critical point where the “bubble” of the universe “bursts” and everything inside gets pulled out into the dimension the bubble bursts into. Maybe this can attribute to the fact that the universe seems to be accelerating its expansion.

they call them "baby universes" that come from a bigger universe.
i call the universes that are created from the bigger universe, bubble universes.