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2002-Mar-25, 11:41 AM
Sorry for gloating, but I'm hardly even a hobbyist when it comes to astronomy, so getting to point out an error to BA is a big deal and one which I will no doubt relate to my grandchildren years from now. (Sorry, sorry, I'm just choked up, ala Halle Berry at the Oscars...)


Page 44. The diagram of the earth and sun demonstrating why the sun looks red/orange at sunset/sunrise.

This diagram makes it seem as if the apparent path of the sun moves from pole to pole (presumably through Greenwich).

To make it accurately depict the apparent east-west path of the sun, the earth needs to be redrawn as if looking down from the pole, i.e., flip the drawing of North America over so that Canada is at the bottom and Central America is at the top.

Do I win a prize?

P.S. Should my criticism be entirely mistaken, I will disavow all knowledge of this post and will promptly report the theft of my user id and password to the appropriate authorities.