View Full Version : Hot Jupiters and Earth-Sized Exoplanets

2008-Dec-18, 03:27 PM
According to our current models of the formation of solar systems, does the presence of a hot Jupiter orbiting a star necessarily preclude the existence of an earth-sized planet within the habitable zone?

In other words, are we discounting the possibility of finding an earth analog in any of the hundreds of systems in which we have discovered hot Jupiter exoplanets?

2008-Dec-18, 03:42 PM
When hot jupiters were first discovered, that was the consensus. A hot jupiter would scatter any smaller worlds in HZ as it spirals toward its sun. However, my understanding is that newer simulations of planetary formation allow for small rocky worlds to form at Earth-like distances AFTER a hot jupiter had settled into its orbit.

2008-Dec-18, 03:58 PM
Thanks, Ilya! So, as a follow-up, does the presence of the hot Jupiter make the (future) detection of an earth-sized planet more difficult?

2008-Dec-19, 04:02 AM
I may be wrong, but I do not see how the presence of the hot Jupiter would make the detection of an earth-sized planet (assuming one exists) either harder or easier. Might make it slightly easier, by identifying the plane of planetary system.

2008-Dec-20, 09:17 AM
How about perturbations? You have a hot jupiter orbiting at .1 AU or so and a potentially life-bearing planet at ~1 AU. That's rather close. Wouldn't the former perturb the latter into an orbit that was not conducive to the survival of life?