View Full Version : Another Discovery Points to Past Water and Habitability on Mars

2008-Dec-18, 10:20 PM
Scientists from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter have made a major discovery about the history of water on Mars. The CRISM instrument, the Compact Reconnaissance Imaging Spectrometer for Mars, on board NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has found carbonates, a long-sought-after mineral, embedded in bedrock on the Martian surface. The Phoenix Mars Lander also [...]

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2008-Dec-26, 08:56 PM
Fraser. Terrific. Now we need a small nuclear reactor for an energy supply, a team of engineers, some greenhouses, seeds, the already viable Martian soil and water....and you have the makings of a Martian colony. Won't be easy or cheap. :shifty:pete

2008-Dec-27, 07:39 AM
More to the point, the magnesite deposit reported would on Earth be considered ore-grade - a source of magnesium.

2008-Dec-29, 12:07 PM
is the iron on mars in abundance and readily useable?

2008-Dec-30, 11:46 AM
is the iron on mars in abundance and readily useable?

It is moderately abundant and some of it occurs as magnetite and haematite, which are readily usable as ores, which I assume is what you mean.