View Full Version : 40th Anniversary of the Great Gamble: Apollo 8

2008-Dec-19, 03:30 AM
The Apollo 8 mission was a seminal moment not in only the history of spaceflight, but in human history as well. The mission came during a time when the US and the world were divided by war and racial issues. It's been said that Apollo 8 "saved" 1968 from being an otherwise divisive [...]

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2008-Dec-19, 04:09 AM
That is what Frank Borman mentioned in his autobiography.

To those of us over 50 who remember it, it was awesome. I was an 11 year old boy just getting over the Hong Kong flu when they went to the moon. I never felt the same again after the flu, and the Apollo 8 flight was like a dream to me. I witnessed the live transmissions as they happened. I had the good fortune of meeting Bill Anders later in 1974.

2008-Dec-19, 01:46 PM
It still is awesome even to those of us born way after 1968.

These were the days when, between the very heavy cold-war lines, some hope was offered...
I think it saved more than just 1968 which is why something should be done today to get back to that frame of mind. With all the mess we're in, it might give us a vision of a long-term future, something I don't currently see.

Yet again, with all this 21st century cynicism about most people probably wouldn't give a damn.

John Jaksich
2008-Dec-24, 02:26 AM
It is one of my favorite memories of space exploration when I was growing up...---the moon landing was my most favorite.

Here's to 400 more years--at least!