View Full Version : Ice on the Moon? Debate Resumes

2008-Dec-30, 01:50 AM
Ice on the moon or no ice? That is the question. It's long been thought that water ice could be hiding in deep, dark craters near the Moon's poles. However in October, 2008 Japan's Kaguya spacecraft took the best look yet inside the Shackelton Crater at the lunar south pole and didn't see [...]

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2008-Dec-30, 11:16 AM
Prospector's dive was always going to be ambitious. Assuming it was able to penetrate to a depth where ice was present and that it struck a truly sun sheltered target, ice at 1 part in 100 to 1000 was unlikely to produce a significant 'plume'. Be that as it may this reassesment of the data is tantalizing and really calls for a polar lander with drilling capabilities to have a look in one of the shadowed craters.