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Larry Jacks
2009-Jan-02, 06:51 PM
The list is here (http://www.darwinawards.com/darwin/darwin2008.html). The top vote getter was The Balloon Priest (http://www.darwinawards.com/darwin/darwin2008-16.html).

Adelir Antonio de Carli, 41, was attempting to set the world record for clustered balloon flight to publicize his plan to build a spiritual rest stop for truckers.

Sitting for more than 19 hours in a lawn chair is not a trivial matter, even in the comfort of your own backyard. The priest took numerous safety precautions, including wearing a survival suit, selecting a buoyant chair, and packing a satellite phone and a GPS. However, the late Adelir Antonio made a fatal mistake.

He did not know how to use the GPS.

The winds changed, as winds do, and he was blown inexorably toward open sea. He could have parachuted to safety while over land, but chose not to. When the voyager was perilously lost at sea, he prudently phoned for help. But rescuers were unable to reach him since he could not use his GPS! HE struggled with the control panel as the charge on the satellite phone dwindled.

2009-Jan-02, 07:48 PM
Nothing like reading through the instruction manual and familiarizing one's self with your equipment while at velocity=0...

For heavier than air flight (airplanes) that's absolutely mandatory.

It appears the same holds true for lighter than air flight, as well.

My favorite, however, was Pine Nuts (http://www.darwinawards.com/darwin/darwin2008-01.html).

Larry Jacks
2009-Jan-02, 07:56 PM
A case of beer went into the planning.

I'm shocked, SHOCKED, to learn that alcohol was involved!

2009-Jan-02, 08:17 PM
Hi Larry, I like the name for those on the list...."Organ Donors".
Incredible, but true.