View Full Version : Cosmic Radio Noise Booms Six Times Louder Than Expected

2009-Jan-08, 12:20 AM
Loud sounds tend to startle us. But imagine being surprised by a sound six times louder than you expect. A balloon-borne instrument called ARCADE, (Absolute Radiometer for Cosmology, Astrophysics, and Diffuse Emission) was supposed to be used to search for heat signature from the first stars to form after the Big Bang. [...]

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2009-Jan-08, 03:26 PM
I puzzled over this paper a lot, then went back and read the COBE calibration papers. There were real discrepancies in the absolute calibration of the two primary instruments (where the bandwidths overlapped), but nothing like this:

Dale Fixsen of the University of Maryland at College Park, added that to get the signal they detected, radio galaxies would have to be packed "into the universe like sardines," he said. "There wouldn't be any space left between one galaxy and the next."

They seem to rule out a more local source. Would they have to be like sardines, or just go on for ever? Is the real answer to Obler's paradox that the sky is not dark, just filtered and redshifted into oblivian?