View Full Version : Was Galileo the First?

2009-Jan-15, 12:40 AM
Italian Galileo Galilei has usually been attributed with making the first celestial observations with a telescope and then creating notations and drawings to record his observations. And that's the focus of what's being celebrated during this International Year of Astronomy. But a British historian is taking this opportunity to publicize the work of another [...]

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2009-Jan-15, 02:42 AM
It raises a good point--if you discover the cure for cancer, but don't publish it, does it count?

2009-Jan-15, 03:26 AM
I wonder about the accuracy of the date. July 26th presented only a relatively thin wanning crescent Moon and not what seems to be in the drawing. Did they not check this?

2009-Jan-15, 06:40 AM
This sounds like the story of Leonardo Da vinci.
He also did a lot of postmortems and discovered clogged veins (cholesterol I believe) and more, but his finding were never published. Eventually modern medicine caught up and very late it came to light that he had discovered these conditions earlier. His discoveries are only now good for dinner party chat, since he never contributed them to the human search for knowledge.

Galileo had to endure a lot because of his discoveries and actually contributed to human search for knowledge, therefore I say let him be known as the first....... I rest my case your honour.