View Full Version : Ares Number Five

2009-Jan-20, 01:34 AM
Okay, so I got bored over the long weekend and turned my attention to the Bob the Builder version of Lou Bega's Mambo Number Five:

Ladies and gentlemen,
This is Saturn number five.

Five, four, three, two, one
Everybody in the car time to have some fun
At the cyber-café on the corner
I must check out the missions
Oh, you know I really wanna

Come on, I need to take a peek
Must hurry
Shuttle launches next week
Plus Deltas, Falcons, and SS2,
So you see, I gotta review!

There’s no probe too big or small
And no site covers it all
‘Though heavensabove is really good
So I really need a browser

A little bit of Hubble, sees so far
A little bit of Chandra, to be sure
A little bit of flybys, for a thrill
A little bit of testing, in Huntsville
A little bit of Spirit, in the dunes
A little bit of Phoenix, gone too soon
A little bit of studying moon sand
A little bit of giant leaps for man!
With Saturn number five.


Jump up and down and move it all around.
Shake your head to the sound, put your hands on the ground.
Take one step left and one step right.
One to the front and one to the side.
Clap your hands once and clap your hands twice
And if it look like this then you're doing it right.


I do all this because it is so cool
Watch them all get ready to fly
‘Cause that’s when I’m gonna touch the sky
Saturn number five.