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Iain Lambert
2003-Nov-20, 03:23 PM
I've been vaguely aware of the running theory that Aliens of assorted varieties are from Zeta Reticuli for a while. But I recently heard the place get mentioned in the new Directors Cut of Alien, which seems weird.

Is this just an old (1979) reference to a previous Zeta source, or is Nancy really claiming that her chummy friends we are all supposed to trust with our lives come from the planetoid also known as LV-426, and are most likely only helping us avoid desctruction so as to ensure plenty of nice warm bodies to plant their young in?

edit - just to state the blooming obvious, I'm aware that its actually more likely that Dan O'Bannon is telling the truth than Nancy is, yes.

Val Trottan
2003-Nov-20, 03:36 PM
Hey Ian,

I have yet to see that version. What is the ref exactly?

BTW: Nancy got her info on the "zetans" by stealing it directly from the recorded abduction "experiences" of Betty and Barney Hill.
According to their recollections, recorded during hypnosis, there were three alien types on the Zetan spacecraft which took the Hills on their supposed journey: A tall thin grey alien, a shorter "classic" grey, and tall blonde nordic humanoids.

However, it is important to note that the Hills never said where these aliens were from. They had no idea. The idea that they came from Zeta Reticuli was introduced some years later by a teacher named Majorie Fish, who took a drawing of a "star map" sketched by Betty Hill during one of the sessions and compared it to a large format star field (made of balls in a room).
In looking at the field from various angles, the best "fit" had Zeti Reticuli as the "home planet" depicted in the drawing.

2003-Nov-20, 04:58 PM
LV-426 is the place where all those nasty aliens from the Alien movies come from. Think Nostromo :)

Val Trottan
2003-Nov-20, 06:20 PM
(Pardon me as I slip into full "Comic Book Guy" mode)


LV426 is actually a planetoid where a ship that had been infested with aliens crash landed, not where the alien species originates.
In the original movie the crew is instructed to investigate the wreckage and happen upon the aliens aboard the ship.
In Aliens the terraformers were also instructed to investigate the wreckage and to collect samples.

(I won't even mention the other two *TRAVESTIES! as they were terrible and should be discarded, hermetically sealed in a leaded box in the deepest festering cavity on Satan's bicuspid forthwith.)

The origin of the alien species, nor their original form isn't explored.

2003-Nov-20, 07:08 PM
Ahh, good memory Val. I also agree the last 2 movies were terrible. I heard rumors of a possible fifth installment in the works #-o .. Steering back OT, I agree with your post re: the "star maps" implicating Zeta Reticuli as the source of Nancy's Zetans. These "maps" continue to be a hot topic among believers of alien spaceships/abductions and I'm sure Nancy ate it up (along with that infamous Starburst).

Val Trottan
2003-Nov-20, 07:48 PM
I would fall on my knees to the highest zetan deity if they made a fifth that completely wipes out the last two. Perhaps Bobby Ewing steeping out of a shower with Ripley holding the towel.

There is an "alien" flick coming out soon though ... but ... it ... is ... (holding back the laughter AND bilge in my belly) ... and Alien verses Predator movie.

Yep. Read that right you did.

It is based on the comic book series of the same name whereas the Alien species is actually used by the Predator species to initiate their teens into adulthood. They go to a planet, seed it with aliens, wait for the hilarity to ensue on the surface then go down and hunt down the new and exciting breeds unleashed.

In the movie, however, they used Earth as a permenant training base ATLANTIS (no joking) which is currently under the ice at the south pole. Yep Antarctica.
Some scientists stumble upon a mayan-type pyramid under the ice, awaken the alien Queen locked within, the aliens come out, impregnate some people, aliens are bred, and then, of course, the Predator teens come down to hunt the aliens, and the humans too, I guess.

In other words: A huge Woo-Woo Fun fest.

I can't wait for the woo-woos to get a hold of that plotline.

Charlie in Dayton
2003-Nov-21, 07:41 AM
...I would fall on my knees to the highest zetan deity if they made a fifth that completely wipes out the last two. Perhaps Bobby Ewing steeping out of a shower with Ripley holding the towel...

I would settle for one where Ripley steps out of the shower. The towel is optional, depending on whether it's the theatrical release or the Director's Cut Limited Edition Box Set... 8-[

Iain Lambert
2003-Nov-21, 11:58 AM
Thanks guys. To cover a bunch of points quickly,

1) Thanks Val in particular - the Marjorie Fish connection was exactly what I was looking for.

2) In the new DC of Alien (I don't remember it being in the original cut) there is a line of dialogue from either Ripley or Lambert (Ripley would make more sense, so its probably her) about pinpointing their position as near Zeta Reticuli.

3) As we've discussed at length in other threads, I'm actually something of a fan of the admittedly hugely flawed Alien3. While studio interference led to some big problems with it, the core of Fincher's direction with the series is brilliant. Its also fundamentally what he and Andrew Kevin Walker did with SE7EN a couple of years later, and taken away from the context of deliberately offending James Cameron is more widely applauded.

4) Even as a fan of both Joss Whedon and Jean-Pierre Jeunet I'll not be defending Resurrection, however.

5) I know that the Aliens were onboard a spacecraft, but without any actual natives of the planetoid (how come a mere planetoid has .9g anyway?) they'll have to do. Though I suppose Nancy could be having conversations with astronomer blokey instead.

Actually, now I mention it, that makes perfect sense - he was obviously searching for Planet X when he was impregnated! I bet Weylan-Yutani are the conspiracists "covering up its existence", too.

Val Trottan
2003-Nov-21, 03:09 PM
Well Ian, this following info may or may not add to your enjoyment of the Alien franchise:

The new movie, Alien vs. Predator, defines a retcon for the franchise. They are hinting, through the cunning use of script, (or misuse, depending on how you slice it), that the Company in Alien knows of the species prior to their encounter on LV426 because of the interactions to come in this latest installment.
The founder of the "Company," (if the script that is floating about now is accurate) is in this movie.

Iain Lambert
2003-Nov-21, 03:18 PM
Hmm, interesting. While I don't have my hopes up for this thing (although the effects work is looking decidedly tasty; guys on the team keep bringing pre-vis renders, photos and stuff into the local comic shop, as its their local as well) I've always found it surprising that the one thing the sequels don't do is expand the backstory. I want to know more about where these things come from as much as every other fan.