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2009-Jan-21, 06:38 PM
Yesterday morning, I tried three times to post on the "I was there..." thread. I kept getting kicked off-line. In disgust and frustration, I took my medications and went to bed.

This morning, I felt better. So, I took my dikes, flashlight and electrical tape, said a prayer, and climbed into the attic. I searched for the bad wire. I could not find it. I was getting ready to climb out, and noticed the wire harness hanging over a nail, a wire of which I had handspliced and taped, last year. The tape was hanging loose and the safety-wired splice of bare wire was a fraction of an inch, from the metal nail. Intermittant short, bingo.

I had found the problem. I put fresh tape on the bare wired hand splice, then taped the whole wire harness.

Coming down, I thanked my higher power; the Corps for sending me to a Navy school where I learned electronics as well as training devices; AT & T and Douglas Aircraft for hiring me as a Station Installer and Elecrical Assembler respectively; all: for giving me the knowledge, experience and skill, over forty years ago, so this morning I had the confidence to haul my old body into the attic and get it down.

Oh, I was depressed by no internet, yesterday morning. Now, it's all better.

2009-Jan-21, 08:08 PM
Good for you!

Glad you're back with us!