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2009-Jan-22, 07:19 PM
Can someone tell me if this information is correct? I would like to share this with my friends.


2009-Jan-22, 09:17 PM
Looks pretty good to me, some of the images I had seen before. The one at the bottom is pure fantasy, of course.

You also might be interested in Ms. Emily's poster of all the asteroids and comets that have been vistited by spacecraft, to scale. http://planetary.org/blog/article/00001618/

2009-Jan-23, 07:37 AM
I've seen the first few images before.
I also assume they close enough or correct.

Wow they are all nice.
I would love to make posters for my son.

2009-Jan-23, 01:29 PM
I don't have a reference handy, but very recently (within last few months) Betelgeuse was found to be even bigger than thought, edging out Antares. It turned out to be about 50% farther away (some 650 light years instead of 400-something), so must be 50% bigger given its apparent size. IIRC, it is also the only star which has been photographed as a distinct disk (http://www.mrao.cam.ac.uk/telescopes/coast/betel.html).

2009-Jan-23, 02:02 PM
I found this video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1NkoZeTEWc) a while back (maybe it was posted here?) and thought it was pretty neat. A well done animation.

- J

2009-Jan-23, 02:22 PM
I've always thought that Jupiter is ridiculously large, but...

Pretty cool.

Thanks for sharing guys/gals.