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2009-Jan-27, 07:19 PM
Dear All,
I'm very pleased to announce that we released our official Press Release for the incoming activities at The Virtual Telescope for the IYA2009. While many events are still under final adjustment, the big ones are already scheduled.

We are proud to acknowledge some important partners. Our IYA2009 activities are patronized by Sky&Telescope and sponsored by Software Bisque, Santa Barbara Instrument Group and Coelum Astronomia.

Our official Press Release (in English) is available here:

We are looking forward to see you joing our IYA2009!

Gianluca Masi

2009-Jan-27, 10:30 PM
Hi Gianluca,

This looks interesting, but I am a little confused. Apparently, you are offering robotic live telescope viewing. However, this is different than how we use the term “virtual”. A virtual telescope would be software only. Others, hopefully, will comment regarding my rough interpretation of English.

I see you are offering, at least initially, these two scopes:

"1) a Celestron C14 (360mm, working at f/9.3) optical tube on a Software Bisque Paramount ME robotic equatorial mount, equipped with a SBIG ST-8XME, Class1, no anti-blooming CCD camera; a 10-positions filter wheel is included for true colour imaging, standard photometry (V and R) and narrow-band (Halpha, OIII, SII) imaging.

2) a Coronado SolarMaX 60 (H-alpha) telescope on a Vixen Super Polaris robotic mount, equipped with an Imaging Source CCD camera, for narrow-band solar
observations, Each of these instruments can be remotely used via the internet."

Looks fun!

2009-Feb-01, 02:24 PM
Dear george,

thanks to your inputs. i will work to make things more clear.