View Full Version : Weather Report for Distant Planet: Variable Heat Wave

2009-Jan-28, 07:20 PM
As mentioned in a previous article today about global warming, we on Earth worry about our planet's atmosphere rising by a few degrees on average over the next century. But imagine living on a planet where temperatures could rise 700 degrees in just a few hours! A distant planet known as HD8606b, is [...]

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2009-Jan-28, 09:11 PM
It would certainly be a spectacular sight from one of the moons of this planet (assuming they haven't been vaporized or gravitationally knocked away from their parent planet).

2009-Jan-28, 10:32 PM
It's puzzling that the atmosphere could heat so quickly. The planet's (http://obswww.unige.ch/~udry/planet/hd80606.html) period is 112 days. If I wanted to understand this I would probably read this (http://arxiv.org/abs/0711.2106) paper.