View Full Version : Spirit Rover Having Memory, Mobility Problems

2009-Jan-28, 11:00 PM
The Spirit rover appears to have some memory and mobility problems. Yes, she's getting old, and it appears she has symptoms of aging similar to humans. On Sunday, during her 1,800th Martian day, or sol, information radioed from Spirit indicated the rover had received its driving commands for the day but had not [...]

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2009-Jan-28, 11:37 PM
Spirit has been great. I love the panoramas that were sent back from the hilltops, and other places it has been. It's seen a lot and provided data for some great science. If this is the end, I don't feel like we've been cheated on this mission.

2009-Jan-28, 11:43 PM
Has been? Now, now. She's not THAT old. Don't get ahead of yourself.