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2009-Feb-02, 12:40 AM
For those of you who like observing curiosities, it's time to take a look at R Coronae Borealis. As you may have guessed from the single letter designation, R is a variable star, but it's not just any old variable - it's the prototype of its class. What exactly is an R CorBor [...]

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2009-Feb-02, 04:35 PM
It should be noted that as the visual magnitude decreases, the infrared increases proportionately, so that the total output (bolometric magnitude) is constant. There is nothing odd going on in the star's core, it's energy generation is constant. pete

edit: I came across this little blurb...apparently R Cor Bor stars in the Large Cloud look pretty much the same as our galactic neighbors, suggesting similar dust extinctions.see;http://arxiv.org/abs/0902.1212