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2009-Feb-03, 11:28 AM
There are many opportunities for adults to work or explore the mysteries of space. Are there any opportunities available for kids to explore space?

2009-Feb-03, 11:41 AM
I don't know about here and now, but in a future envisioned by Robert A Heinlein in his novel 'A Space Family Stone' there is an exciting prospect for the children of spacefarers.

2009-Feb-03, 01:34 PM
Physically explore it.... no. Explore in the sense of learn about it.... lots. Check out, for example, NASA's website; tons of stuff for kids.

2009-Feb-03, 11:07 PM
It depends on how directly you mean "explore". We can read books, read magazines, build models, watch video podcast-y things (Vodcasts?), learn the constellations and go to Space Camp.

Richard Branson said his grandchildren will fly on the first SpaceShipTwo tourist flight. I'm not sure how old they are, though.

2009-Feb-04, 10:44 AM
By the word "explore" i meant opportunities for students to learn more about space. A learning experience comprising of [Content removed so spammers won't profit.].

2009-Feb-06, 08:09 AM
I agree with you Suman, it's not only theory but also practical experience that helps you in being proficient in the work you do. If you are really interested about space and would like to take your students to a place where you get practical experience. [Content removed so spammers don't profit] is one such place where [Content removed so spammers won't profit]. For more details check the site [Link removed as spam.]

2009-Feb-06, 12:54 PM
As others have already responded to this in good faith, an explanation rather than full removal is probably warranted. This is the second half of a spam. Both the OP and this last post come from the very same IP address.

I will, however, keep the thread open for the time being. The motives behind the creation of this thread may have been cynical and fraudulent, but if we didn't already have a thread for talking about resources appropriate to kids, it's probably not a bad idea to have one.