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2009-Feb-04, 02:19 PM
Steffanie's question about our Moon in this regard got me wondering how many other moons are tidal locked...or not. Wikipedia offers this:


It seems quite a few of Jupiter's moons aren't, or are as yet unknown either way. Very interesting. :)

I presumed most moons in our Solar System are tidally locked, and it seems this is the rule rather than the exception (?). Not trying to make a presumption but simply going by this wee bit of "research."

2009-Feb-04, 10:36 PM
All the major moons are tidelocked.

The distant asteroidal moons of Jupiter are probably too small and too far (and maybe too recently acquired) to be tidally locked to Jupiter, but I don't think we even know their rotational periods. All of Jupiter's major moons are locked however.

For Saturn, Hyperion IIRC is a weird one with a chaotic rotation period but that's because of its resonance with Titan - even Iapetus is tidelocked though (Phoebe isn't, but that's further than Iapetus and smaller too).