View Full Version : New Theory: Bizarre Martian Deposits from Vast Ice at Equator

2009-Feb-16, 11:10 PM
The*puzzling Meridiani Planum deposits on Mars —*discovered by NASA's Opportunity rover — could be remnants of a massive ancient ice field, according to a new study online in Nature Geoscience. Paul Niles of NASA's Johnson Space Center*and Joseph Michalski, of Université Paris-Sud,*analysed the chemistry, sedimentology and geology of the Meridiani Planum deposits using data from Opportunity. [...]

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2009-Feb-18, 09:28 AM
There would be no need for bizarre new theories if people realised that the acxidity is most likely due to weathering and not a primary depositional feature. Not that the surface is that acid, it is probably no more accid than Phoenix ovserved.