View Full Version : Ep. 126: From Skeptics Guide with Questions

2009-Feb-17, 04:00 AM
Orbiting black holes generate gravity waves. This week Bob Novella of Skeptics Guide to the Universe is going to pepper Pamela with questions, testing her ability to leap from tides to gravitational waves to Higgs bosons. We'll see where this takes us on this skeptical journey through what is known and what we're trying to learn about this universe.http://feeds2.feedburner.com/~r/astronomycast/~4/Na1MKkXmYt8

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2009-Feb-17, 11:22 AM
Wrong audio file is up. Glad you are feeling better Fraser.

2009-Feb-23, 07:13 PM
I can't figure this out - why does some of the water on the low tide sides of the earth flow to the back side of the earth not facing the moon?? What force is pulling it there that is greater than the moons pull?

2009-Mar-18, 12:39 PM
If B Novella picked a peck of proper puzzlers,
Then pepper Pamela with proper puzzlers did B novella pick,
And if puzzled Pamela picked the proper prompt,
How many puzzlers did peppered Pamela pick?

Needs work, I know.