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2003-Nov-30, 04:25 AM
I've been using phpbbs for a while and have a general site set up that is a little less specific in it's subject matter. The rules are going up tonight but I encourage a more or less "don't troll or flame, everything else if fair game" attitude. It's NOT a place for kids though it is open to the public. If anyone wants a peek before general opening let me know at fwis@loresinger.com

Note: This is NOT a competition with this site and I will encourage people to direct subjects covered here where they belong. I like to cover other subjects as well.

2003-Nov-30, 04:30 AM
Errr.....don't you already have site up with forums? If this is a new one can you pm the info since it seems my email at my university is 'under maintanence' sheesh.

2003-Nov-30, 04:35 AM
Actually that one is aimed at my wife's audience. I wanted one that is more open to everyone and "non-denominational" as it were. Mine will cover things like History and Archeology, Technology, Politics, Religion and Mythology, Humor. A kind of open pub thing.

2005-Mar-10, 11:46 AM
So you were a BABBiler and same with tuffel999...
I was woundering