View Full Version : Shuttle Endeavour sabotaged by disgruntled workers?

2002-Mar-28, 10:37 AM

John Kierein
2002-Mar-28, 12:54 PM
I used to give tours of the Space Shuttle mockup at Rockwell in Downey, CA where the engineering was done and also had a tour of the Palmdale facility where it was built. You really need to have good quality control inspection for flight hardware. After one of the last shuttles was built, it was reported that a disgruntled laid-off employee had walked along the shuttle and used a ball point pen to puncture about a hundred tiles. Very expensive replacement was needed.
The Palmdale plant was interesting in that it had a huge built-in vacuum cleaner system. As you walked through it during manufacture you could hear the vacuum cleaners going and things rattling through the system that sounded like big bolts, etc. It's disastrous if any loose hardware is there during launch as it could crash through the vehicle, so the vacuum cleaner was used to sweep it all away.

2002-Mar-28, 02:01 PM
I recall reading somewhere that one of the "preps" for the lunar module was to pick it up and turn it in all directions in order to dislodge any small items that might be stuck inside - they weighed the LM down and could be disastrous in zero g.

Mr. X
2002-Mar-28, 05:39 PM
On an semi-related topic this happens with everything.

At our local airshow the armies are forced to put orange pads because people used to have fun throwing garbage, food, cans and the like in the engines.

I guess the moral is... fun is wherever you find it... might it be poking holes in the space shuttle, putting small objects in LM or throwing stuff in airplane engines.