View Full Version : Anomally on my new PC on start up

2009-Feb-26, 07:21 PM
When my new PC starts up for a moment in the start up sequence there is some kind of blank screen for a few minutes.

I have made a brief video of it here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-G80QXDIAc)

One of my co-workers also reports this.

Any Clues and do I need to do anything

It seemed to start after a Microsoft update.

I only got this computer at the beginning of the year

2009-Feb-26, 07:27 PM
well, you could do a restore, from a restore point, ie before the update...

maybe when it updates again, it will magically be ok...

2009-Feb-26, 07:46 PM
Oh no no no no no.
I've just spent 10 hours at work doing PC support when I really wanted to get some coding done.
You will NOT make tech support invade my private life! :D

(seriously though... try reversing the update or running sysinternals autostart to see what's happening. Or start from a UBCD and run a scan.)


2009-Feb-26, 09:47 PM
Aside from the month I tried upgrading a 6-year-old machine to Vista, I've never had any problems with Windows since I first installed NT 4.0, last century.

2009-Feb-26, 09:56 PM
One thing to do: ctrl-alt-del to bring up the task manager, and see what programs might be running (marginally helpful, since they tend to have names that look like line noise). It might be a splash screen put up by some program (which you may or may not actually want to keep) that happens to be rather buggy.

2009-Feb-26, 10:00 PM
There was a time when I was having trouble with my XP, I would get a white black square or rectangle in the center of the screen. A couple of times a Windows or Microsoft warning or message would appear in that blank white square, the message was the same size as the blank square, but most of the time the message did not appear.

I had to have my XP re-loaded by a local ISP technician and it has worked fine ever since.

I'm not saying there is something wrong with yours, but the white square might be the outline of a message the computer is not giving you.

You might measure the square and later measure the size of the box of any message that might fit the size of the white square. It might just be a slight defect during startup that doesn't cause any problems.

2009-Feb-27, 07:13 PM
Hey Sticks,
I found several sites that talked about a problem that sounds like what you are showing, two of the sites said to change the desktop background. It doesnít make sense to me why that would do anything but itís easy to do and might work.

If that works then just change back to the picture of your house.:D


2009-Feb-27, 07:45 PM
Actually it is a picture of a reconstruction of a Roman gate entrance at the Roman fort Arbeia in South Shields

2009-Feb-27, 11:09 PM
when i get buggy stuff like that, i always run msconfig and see what's running when the computer boots up. you can use msconfig to set which programs load at startup. just by unchecking almost everything on my brand new Compaq computer last summer- including most of the HP and Compaq software- i cut the boot time way down and it actually runs like a machine with 2GB of RAM like it's supposed to instead of like my old Dell with 288MB of RAM.
another thing that helped mine run better was changing the appearance from the silly cartoony Vista style back to the old reliable and familiar "Classic" look that goes back at least to WIN98.

2009-Mar-03, 08:09 AM
The latest update is that this rogue window has something to do with Drive Sentry (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DriveSentry) which was preloaded.

I discovered this using taskmanager looking at processes and then calling up Drive Sentry from the start menu to get the same thing.

From the Wiki article this is some kind of secruity program.