View Full Version : Titan Dunes Turn Climate Models Upside Down

2009-Feb-27, 03:00 PM
Scientists have mapped vast dune fields on Titan that may align with the wind on Saturnís biggest moon — flowing opposite the way climate models had predicted.The maps, as above, represent four years of radar data collected*by the Cassini spacecraft. They reveal rippled dunes that are*generally oriented east-west, which means*Titanís winds probably blow toward the [...]

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2009-Mar-02, 02:07 AM
So...the climate models used to predict the atmospheric conditions are exactly wrong; but the reconstruction of the descent of the Huygens Probe by mission scientists was exactly as predicted before the landing; but with wrong climate models.

Interesting paradox.

2009-Mar-02, 03:51 AM
Or there's something about their dune modelling that's the wrong way around ;).

Could tidal influences on the atmosphere result in the winds blowing the opposite direction to the expected one?