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2009-Mar-03, 04:31 PM
In your fackbook inbox there could be a link there that sends you to you tube.The message says " There is a video about you on the street." DO NOT CLICK ON THIS LINK!!! It will tell you to update your video codecs, when you do you got the worm. I just seen this on CNN.

2009-Mar-03, 04:37 PM
Sounds like yet another hoax.

Please don't spread the message.

2009-Mar-03, 05:23 PM
...I just seen this on CNN.
The broadcast or the web site?
If you saw it on the web site, it's polite (and appreciated) if you could provide the link so we can make up our own mind.
Facebook worm: CNN Video (http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/us/2009/03/02/barnett.facebook.worm.cnn)

2009-Mar-03, 10:15 PM
As a general rule, don't ever "update your codec" to be able to watch a video online. This is a very old (and most effective) way to download and install a virus.

Media players, including Flash player, update and download valid codecs. There is no need to download "a new codec" to watch a video.

If in doubt, check the site where you get the player from (Adobe, Microsoft, etc)

Information about this, and the other facebook problems can be found here http://www.pcworld.com/article/160545/facebook_hit_by_five_security_problems_in_one_week .html

2009-Mar-03, 11:35 PM
"Virus alert! Delete immediately before someone gets hurt! Forward this message unto everybody, forward this message unto everybody." - Weird Al.