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2009-Mar-09, 10:51 PM
Caught the first episode of this BBC sequel to Life On Mars, yesterday. Enjoyed it, makes me want to check out the BBC version of LoM, as I couldn't get into the US version (recently cancelled). I might catch the final couple of episodes of the US LoM, just to see how they end it. I've read the BBC's LoM is remeniscent (sp) of The Sweeney, a 70's police drama, I vaguely recall seeing.

Ashes To Ashes is airing on Showcase in Canada (Sundays @ noon, repeat @ 5am) and from what I could find the first episode just aired on BBC America, on Saturday night at 10 pm. In ATA, the main character is resigned to being a minute from death or life, her being transported or mentally living in 1981. She had studied the case of Tyler from the LoM series. The time itself doesn't seem so long ago, the references to what was cutting edge technology then had me chuckling. I enjoyed the soundtrack used as well :) music by Bowie, Ultravox, Duran Duran, Roxy Music, The Clash, etc. The first episode of the eight, looked promising, I'll continue to watch/tape episodes. The second series of ATA, is airing this Spring, on BBC.

Anyone else catch this or seen the series?

Disinfo Agent
2009-Mar-11, 12:14 PM
I haven't, but I think it's really cool that they named each apisode after a Bowie song!

2009-Mar-27, 12:50 PM
Life on Mars was MUCH better than Ashes to Ashes. Far more atmospheric and mysterious. AtoA was LoM-Lite. Not much like the Sweeney either, although there are knowing nods to that.

I of course saw LoM before AtoA, it will be interesting to see what your take on them are having watched them the wrong way round.

Paul Beardsley
2009-Mar-27, 01:01 PM
I think ATA was a very worthy follow-up to LOM, not least because I prefer 80s music to 70s.

I like the idea that it is commonplace for comatose police officers to have time travel experiences.

2009-Mar-27, 07:18 PM
Only saw the last episode of LOM and the first AtoA back to back. Both ok. What wil be the series be like?

2009-Mar-30, 06:24 PM
Turns out Showcase in Canada is also airing BBC's LoM. It airs Sunday mornings at 11, right before ATA. I'm hoping they start a run of LoM right from the beginning, after the current run ends. It is in the middle of Season 2 right now. I've caught episodes 3, 4 and 5 and have liked those. Episode 4 was also brought over to the US series (the episode where they go undercover as "swingers"). I've been watching the remaining episodes of ABC's LoM, from what little I've seen of both, I do prefer BBC's, mostly to do with Philip Glenister's portrayal of Hunt. ABC's LoM concludes with it's final episode this week.

ATA, I'm still enjoying, now halfway through it's first season. I'm still loving it's early 80's soundtrack, too. :)

2009-Apr-19, 09:08 PM
Ok, I've now seen the ending to BBC's Life On Mars, after catching most of Season 2. I definately prefer this ending, over the one ABC did for their series. On ABC, the final episode was fine, until the last 10 minutes, where they totally mucked it up (IMO), with the ending they came up with. Showcase starts BBC's series from the beginning next week, so I'll catch Season 1 and the one or two episodes of Season 2, I missed.

ATA - One more episode to go in Season 1. Yeah more light-hearted than LoM, but it works. LOL. A couple of favourite lines from today's episode:

DI Alex Drake: "Giles has OCD"
DC Chris Skelton: "Orchestral Manoeuvers In The Dark?"

A little bit later:

DC Chris Skelton: "Right, he has OCD."
DI Alex Drake: "No, he has OMD. Yes, OCD."

From a couple of episodes back:

DI Alex Drake: "You're interviewing the victim in the interrogation room? Why not in the rape suite?"

DCI Hunt: " Rape suite? Does that come with or without a mini-bar?" :lol:

Still enjoying the soundtrack to this show, too.

2009-Apr-19, 10:27 PM
I like the idea that it is commonplace for comatose police officers to have time travel experiences.

I'm sure there's a connection with the recent thread about wormholes spontaneously appearing in brains.

captain swoop
2009-Apr-27, 10:11 PM
I couldn't watch it. ITV4 are showing both The Sweeney and The Professionals at the moment and LOM is such a crude pastiche it's not even funny.

2009-Apr-28, 11:53 AM
Over here in the UK, our State Broadcasting Service have chosen to air Ashes to Ashes on BBC1 and Heroes on BBC2, both at 9.00p.m. on Monday evenings.

Thank heaven I now have the technology to record one digital channel whilst watching another. People who have simply purchased a Freeview box will not be able to do this. A particularly annoying scheduling clash, even by the standards of the BBC, because I think it's obvious the viewing demographic for both shows will be the same.

captain swoop
2009-Apr-28, 11:03 PM

2009-Apr-29, 12:06 PM
Well I like to watch both. I bet I'm not the only one.

In fact I don't think there are currently ANY other regular series (as opposed to one-off programmes) on the BBC that I look forward to seeing. The ONLY two series I want to watch on the BBC are on at exactly the same time. The rest of the week is c**p.

Paul Beardsley
2009-Apr-29, 12:12 PM
I like AtA (and LoM) but I do not like Heroes.

But you're probably right, kzb, and I doubt that I represent a majority.

2009-Apr-29, 05:48 PM
Let's leave my scheduling gripes. Captain swoop wrote: ITV4 are showing both The Sweeney and The Professionals at the moment and LOM is such a crude pastiche it's not even funny.

The Professionals was so bad it was a self-parady even at the time it was made! At least The Sweeney was done well, it worked at the time. But there is so much more to LoM than trying to be a pastiche of these programmes. That really is not its point.

Although the producers say they wanted to avoid it, in reality there is a lot of nostalgia for the period. And yes, you think although it seemed c**p at the time, looking back it was a golden age of British music.

Also, there was a terrific air of mystery about what was really going on and how he'd gone back in time. I really liked it, far more than I ever liked the Sweeney even in its heyday.