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2009-Mar-10, 01:10 AM
I have a question have scientist figured out how gravity was formed/ created ?

Also i was wondering if scientist have figured out how black holes (not in galaxies) can be found in space ?
And how they are formed ?

Is their a main stream theory on how wormholes work ?
And how they be are formed/ created ?

Thank You.

2009-Mar-10, 02:08 AM
Gravity is a product or result of mass.
In otherwords, you have gravity. The Earth has gravity.
Air has gravity. That's why we have air pressure. As a person creates a "vacuum" and the existing air pressure from the weight of this ocean of atmosphere pressing down on us pushes air into that vacuum.

Einstein described gravity as the effect from mass warping space. It's a clear and seemingly accurate description, but it does not say what, specifically, causes "space" to warp.

In quantum mechanics, "gravitons" are theorized. But as with Einsteins warp- it's unknown how it works.
Currently, I do not think there is a full descriptive mainstream theory as to what, exactly, causes gravity. We can very accurately describe and predict its effect, but do not have enough information at this time to say exactly what causes it.

Black Holes can be found in many ways. Each method depends on the distance, as some methods lose accuracy the greater the distance involved.
The gravitational effect of the mass of the black hole can be a huge indicator to the possible existence of one.
Black Holes are theorized to form when a star that is at lest 20 times more massive than the Sun (Our Sun does not have enough mass to collapse into a black hole) collapses under its own weight, compacting its matter into a dense core.
A star is a huge fusion reactor, converting lightweight hydrogen into denser helium and so on. As time passes, the star combines heavier elements and eventually, will run out of fuel for fusion. The operating fusion creates enough outward pressure (An extremely large amount of energy pushing outward!!) to resist the gravitational pull crushing the star back onto itself. But when the star has burned its fuel it can no longer create enough outward pressure to keep itself from collapsing under its own weight.
Since the effect of gravity is directly proportional to the distance, the more densely packed the matter is, the nearer you can get and therefor, the more gravity you will feel.
So let's say you're an Immortal Alien with a spaceship. You visit a star that is 30 times more massive than Earths Sun. You stand in your ship about 3 au distance from the star and measure the gravity.
Then, 4 billion years later, you return to that star and discover that it has become a Black Hole in the time since you last visited. You park 3 au from the Black Hole and measure the amount of gravity you feel. It's about the same (perhaps even a bit less!) as what you measured the first time. It may be a bit less because the star lost some of its mass when it collapsed (lost when that mass was blasted out into space and escaped the stars gravity well.) But now, you can bring your craft Much Closer to the star because the radius of the star has shrunk significantly. The nearer you get, the amount of gravity will increase exponentially.

Wormholes are mathematically allowable according to relativity, but none have ever been observed. To be "allowable" by one factor of the mathematics is not the same as to say it's possible or allowable by ALL the factors that take part in the existence of something.
For example: Many factors of Mars make it allowable for humans to live on Mars. But there are other factors that make it impossible for an unprotected human to live on Mars. Until we have more information available, it's hard to say at this time if wormholes can or even do exist. It's possible that they could, but it may be required for extra technology to help create one- technology that is far far off in our future to say the least. The energy requirements for creating one are unimaginably huge.

2009-Mar-11, 08:39 PM
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2009-Mar-11, 10:55 PM
Another example of something that is mathematically allowed by the maths is monopoles, A magnetic field with just a north or south pole. In practice a monopole has never been observed and probably never will be.