View Full Version : Most Awful! My Rosie Is Dog-napped!

2009-Mar-19, 04:07 PM
Dear All

I have the most awful news to relay.

Our dear Staffy Rosie, whom we have had for about three weeks, has been most unfortunately, dognapped this afternoon at one forty eight.

I had taken her to the shops to buy her some cookies and then we were going to the park. When i came out of the shop, about two minutes later, she had disappeared.

I have been in touch with the police and we went around the neighbourhood in their van to have a look-see. Hopefully the CCTV cameras by the shops have captured some data of some use.

Right now I feel most awful. And sick to my stomach. I have never experienced something so horrible in my life.

Rosie was squealing as I left her parked / leashed outside, at the shuttered gate to go in the shop. As if she knew, something not very nice was going to happen to her. I turned back and sat down with her re-assuring her, embraced her, told her that it'll be okay, I'll be back in a blink. Well, she 's gone (for now) within that blink.

Mummy has gone to pick up our baby from school and they should be back within an hour. I have no idea how to break this news to her or to our baby.

Chances are we'll get our Rosie back. That's how i feel, despite the awful feeling in my stomach. I have to be positive about it. I hope Rosie is not too upset just now. Being tortured and Heaven knows whatever else some people do and teach dogs to be nasty. ooh, I don't want tio think about it

I am sorry to post this. This sad news. It's my fault, I have lost Rosie.
I hope it's temporary and we'll be re-united before too long.

2009-Mar-19, 04:15 PM
That is awful. I had to leave my dogs in my backyard on Tuesday, while I ran back to the office to get something. About a 15 minute round-trip, but I knew Tara would get home even sooner than that. I still worry someone will do something like that.

Fortunately, they didn't. It probably helps that half the neighborhood is afraid of one of my two dogs (and they love the other).

2009-Mar-19, 04:19 PM
I am so sorry this happened!

Check local listings...like craiglist 'pets' ... to see if anyone has news or has found her!

2009-Mar-19, 04:20 PM
What a vile thing to have happen! I'll hope for the best, though.

2009-Mar-19, 04:23 PM
And it's most definitely not your fault, mahesh. Full blame goes to the evil dognappers.

2009-Mar-19, 04:24 PM
That really is awful. Was it a purebred dog? One that the thiefs could re-sell? As awful as that is I hope that is the situation. There are other worse reasons that people steal dogs, especially small ones.

2009-Mar-19, 04:36 PM
About three weeks ago, perhaps on Rosie's second or third day with us, i took her to the park and shot a few pictures of her. have posted a couple on one of the albums...squirrel one...she's a pure-bred TT..

Lurky, thanks for the tip. I'll do that...but perhaps a bit too early after a few hours!...or does it not even take that, to make craigslist?

i know now, pets can and do disappear in a blink.

2009-Mar-19, 04:41 PM
TT yes, it's awful. The police were saying to me, in a reassuring way of theirs, that Staffies have street-cred, gangs -wise (with people of dodgy background).

Hope, hope, hope. We'll get Rosie back before too long.

What about my baby? He's going to be very very upset. We'll try to be very diplomatic about this unfortunate event.

2009-Mar-19, 04:44 PM
...she's a pure-bred TT..

Lurky, thanks for the tip. I'll do that...but perhaps a bit too early after a few hours!...or does it not even take that, to make craigslist?

i know now, pets can and do disappear in a blink.

If someone is trying to resell her they may just make a post with no pic... so look for a description that is similar?

I hope you find her soon!

2009-Mar-19, 04:47 PM
If someone is trying to resell her they may just make a post with no pic... so look for a description that is similar?

I hope you find her soon! What is "TT"... terrier??
Sorry Lurky....I was addressing Tucson_Tim when referring as TT!

2009-Mar-19, 04:48 PM
Yes, sorry my mistake!

Just be honest as you can without being too alarming for your child... don't give more info then they ask for right now... how old is your child?

2009-Mar-19, 04:50 PM
You have my solidarity, Mahesh. IŽd hate to see one of my doggies in such a situation. IŽd feel miserable. Wish you good luck with Rosie.

2009-Mar-19, 04:51 PM
He will be eight next month...in three weeks.

I feel bad for him and Rosie, because, fundamentally, she is his 'pet'. We got her specially.

Oh Rosie, sweetheart. just wait honey, just wait.

2009-Mar-19, 04:53 PM
Thank you Argos, for your kind sentiments.

I have to go and bury my head somewhere now.

I am sorry for all this. This mess.

2009-Mar-19, 04:54 PM
What about my baby? He's going to be very very upset. We'll try to be very diplomatic about this unfortunate event.
Yes, he will be. And he will have to be strong. I know you'll do your best.

2009-Mar-19, 04:57 PM

I hope she's very soon back in your care, safe and sound!

2009-Mar-19, 04:58 PM
mahesh, I'm so sorry. I hope you get her back very quickly.

2009-Mar-19, 06:41 PM
Mahesh, don't panic, she may have just gotten free, dogs can do that. Just put up signs everywhere there is high pedestrian traffic and there is a good chance she will be returned. I did this all three times my dog got out and all three times I got him back. It took a few days but someone always found him.

2009-Mar-19, 09:37 PM
Thank you Swift, Buttercup, geonuc, closegeek, thank you all for your kind sentiments and support.

Yes, geo..., Flynn will have to be strong. At least we have a few days' grace before we should tell him. meanwhile a bit of diplomacy is called for. Until we know the lie of the land, police-wise....

closetgeek...the leash was left behind....it is with me now. it needs human intervention to come off the collar.

Swift, Buttercup, yes i hope Rosie will be back soon....some how...

Argos, i know what you mean about your feeling for your dog / pet....

I have to learn doggie-language...Rosie was trying to tell me something....she kept barking in a funny way and squealing like she hasn't before. i now recall her barking at / for me, saying not to leave her there. as i walked away. i went back and sat with her, embraced her for reassurance....how dumb could i get...to leave her there, in that frame of mind. i was too indifferent towards her and focused in a silly way on her cookies. geez....

i feel horrid. I have let her down. abandoned her when she didn't want me to leave her,
even for a split second.....

if only i could run Time backwards a bit....

Lurky, closetgeek, yes, tomorrow, i'm going to put some posters up and some photographs of her and hope.

i'll check out craigslist..too, Lurky.

According to our local, how shall i say this, rather delicately, transient guys..., Rosie was seen in the company of two males (twenties / hoodies), on a neighbourhood green, sans leash. walking with them. soon after her 'abduction'. one of the guys kept patting his side, (obviously in an attempt to keep her attention for potential edible goodies). and Rosie kept looking up at them while by their side....

oh it breaks my heart to visualise this awful stuff.

For what it is worth, i gather that Rosie is chipped.

Good night Rosie darling, woof woof and all that...see you soon, honey.

Thanks you guys. for your comforting words.

2009-Mar-19, 10:01 PM
i feel horrid. I have let her down. abandoned her when she didn't want me to leave her,
even for a split second.....

mahesh, don't think that, you're just doing the best you can, at any point in time. You should not blame yourself. As my favorite cartoon philosopher (Calvin, of Calvin & Hobbes) said "There is no situation so horrible, that guilt can't make it worse".

2009-Mar-19, 10:07 PM
I hope you get your dog back, Mahesh.

2009-Mar-19, 10:26 PM
Oh, that's simply awful! I wouldn't be able to stand it if something like that happened to our dog Comet! I really hope you get Rosie back soon, safely.

2009-Mar-19, 11:16 PM
Terribly sorry to hear that! As a dog owner myself I can image how you feel. Are you absolutely certain she didn't get out of the leash on her own? Our dog has managed that a couple times if she angles her head just right and exerts enough force (not enough to actually choke herself).

Please keep us updated when she returns!

2009-Mar-19, 11:25 PM
Hey Mahesh,

Really sorry to hear this has happened. I would be absolutely frantic if this happened to my pup.

We came home from work one day to find her missing from the back yard. I freaked. Rang around places and on my third call found her at a nearby vet. She'd been run over but nothing too serious, luckily. Until I knew she was okay i felt like i was running a marathon at 100m pace.

Very best of luck in finding her.

Is she microchipped?

2009-Mar-20, 07:23 AM
I'm so sorry I posted this! It was a terribly tacky thing to put in a thread such as this. I was posting while intoxicated and the Good Lord is punishing me duely with a monster hang over and work this afternoon I can't beg out of.

I am so sorry Mahesh. I feel like a jerk.

2009-Mar-20, 09:25 AM
Hello BAUTzens

It wasn't a particularly good night for me. I am not complaining / moaning.

Josh, yes Rosie is micro-chipped. Glad your frantic search got results so soon.
redshift..., Rosie's collar has a metal loop facility, stitched in, for clipping a leash on. The leash will only come off when someone manually pushes down a pin on the part that clips on to the loop. I'll try find a picture. I'm not very good at explaining, certainly when I am a bit fraught and my mind is elsewhere. Sorry.

oh i got one instantly...thanks google guys...
http://images.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl=http://www.fordogtrainer.com/pics/dog-leash/dog-leash-mix/dog-leash-snap-hook-brass-zoom.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.fordogtrainer.com/leather--dog--leashes.html&usg=__qhYhYxShWS8F5aFni8HpQ-z5s_Q=&h=375&w=500&sz=40&hl=en&start=2&tbnid=umtnRxfNZBiv-M:&tbnh=98&tbnw=130&prev=/images%3Fq%3Ddog%2Bleashes%2Bhooks%26gbv%3D2%26hl% 3Den%26sa%3DG

I shall endeavour to update any news. Hopefully good news.

Kai / Laurel...yes thanks i hope too that rosie's back with us soon. I hope she hasn't been fraught overnight, poor thing. Nice name Comet, Kai...

I just can't forget that Rosie barked for me, alerting me to her apprehension of being left alone. and i didn't heed it. That is just so awful.

I'll make some posters and got a photograph printed so will put things together this morning; contact the police; chase up their CCTV review, if it's been done; speak with the secutriy guy at the store...he seems to be acquainted (in an anti - shop-lifting way) with a guy who was seen hanging around the time I was pre-occupied with the cookies inside. Could lead somewhere. I hope, to Rosie.

BD, sorry, really sorry about your Sam. No living being should go through such horror.

Swift, thanks again. you are kind to say this. But i feel i did let Rosie down.

Oh my sweetheart. I already badly miss Tallulah, she's away for a couple of months, my princess. And now this.

Have a nice day, y'all.

i was thinking, last night, i forgot to mention...these microchips..are they like from James Bond..Goldfinger et al...trackable?
may be her original vet can guide us on this! Hope hope.

2009-Mar-20, 09:37 AM
Sorry to hear about this mahesh. What is this world coming to when you can't even let your dog alone for a few minutes? Hope you will have a happy end. Head up, you are doing all you can. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you...

2009-Mar-20, 09:56 AM
As rather a dog person, I do feel a small part of your pain. I haven't had the misfortune of getting my dog stolen but I've had two cases of runaway (both found their way home within an hour tho) and so do know something of that helpless feeling... Keep the tail up! Sometimes things do turn out for the better.

2009-Mar-20, 10:57 AM
i was thinking, last night, i forgot to mention...these microchips..are they like from James Bond..Goldfinger et al...trackable?
may be her original vet can guide us on this! Hope hope.
No, I don't think they facilitate tracking the animal, sorry to say. They serve as identification and any vet or animal control facility would know to look for one. So, if Rosie is found by someone, the chip will certainly help bring her home to you.

2009-Mar-20, 11:04 AM
Yep, forgot to address that bit myself.

Namely, the chips in my dogs can't be read at any significant distance so any kind of tracking using them won't work. In fact in older dogs the chip sometimes relocates somewhat and it can become difficult to find and read even when one knows it's there and the dog is literally at arm's lenght.

Can't say if there are other kind of ID chips but I somewhat doubt it.

2009-Mar-20, 11:43 AM
Take a pic to all the vets in the area and alert them to what's happened. That way they can keep a look out and microchip test all similar dogs.

2009-Mar-20, 12:50 PM
Mahesh, I am going to hold on to the hope that some freak thing happened to the leash. Staffys, even as pups, have really good muscle tone and a strong pull. The panic you said she was in as you went into the store means she very well could have been jerking the leash to get to you. My Am-Staff broke the ring to a training choker when she was about 6mo old. There is a good chance that somewhere in the area, and ring from the collar is lying on the ground or perhaps just broken and still attached to the collar. It would just be far better that the dog got loose on her own because then she is either picked up by someone who is taking care of her till her owner is found or she is outdoors and more likely to be seen by someone. Keep us updated, though, my heart breaks for you and yours.

2009-Mar-20, 01:45 PM
Dear Mahesh,

I am most concerned that you are blaming yourself. Could it be that Rosie was excited to get her cookies and that is why she was excited before you went in the store. Even if she did sense a lurker, there is no way you could have known. You did the most wonderful thing by going back and sitting with her and trying to calm her. You did everything right.
You can not take responsibility if she was napped, those who took her are the scum of the earth, literally. Not the person who was momentarily getting her cookies and lovingly consoled her before they went in the store.

If there is a way, you two will be reunited. Here's hoping the good people will get her back to you.


2009-Mar-20, 03:51 PM
mahesh, just a thought: did you think of offering a reward on the poster you intend making? Might help...

2009-Mar-20, 07:14 PM
Nice name Comet, Kai...
My brother named her, after the dog from the television show Full House.

2009-Mar-20, 10:13 PM
Dear Mahesh,
Sorry I haven't replied to your e-mail you sent me, I have been a bit tied up, had to attend my cousins funeral today.:(

Staffies do whine when they are tethered I know I had one (lived to a grand old age of 15), Rosie would be just complaining about that nothing else.
Because she is chipped, the police will be searching for her and checking the dogs they come across for their id. You can not blame your self over what has happened, there are people out there who don't care about the feelings of the owner when they take a pet or anything for that matter.
Like someone has mentioned about taking the dog pictures to local vets, why not go one further and take some to pet shops? You will be surprised who reads the articles and may know who has taken her.
I am just hoping that over the weekend the police have located her and she is in your arms again by Monday and you report some good news.

2009-Mar-21, 01:38 AM
Mahesh, I'm so sorry to hear of your loss, and hope Rosie returns to you, shortly.

You should let your vet know. In the states there are databases where stolen pets can be flagged, and if their chip is ever scanned, it'll pop up as stolen.

I don't know if they're widely used or not, however.

2009-Mar-22, 12:14 PM
Dear BAUTzens
An update on Rosie, for what it's worth:

I am pretty much on my own, dealing with the situation. I have your kindness and supportive words to keep me on the sunny side. And for this I thank you my fellow BAUTzens.

Mummy is rather, otherwise occupied / pre-occupied and can hardly assist me in the physical aspects of my search. Being Mothering Sunday / weekend here, I appreciate her attention being elsewhere. Though she's just as concerned, as I am and you all are. (She could be a wee bit angry / emotional about my Thursday's mis-adventure...I do understand her reactions.)

I have, as chrissy so kindly suggested, approached a few local pet shops and left them copies of Rosie's photograph. thank you chrissy, for your thoughts. my condolences to you and your dears, for your cousin's passing away.

Josh, I shall follow up on your timely suggestion and approach the local vets, with similar alerts; have to make a list from phonebooks, google etc., and deal with it tomorrow.

gzhp..., thank you for kind words, and why yes thank you also for the 'reward' aspect...somehow, I hadn't reached there.

tnjrp thanks for your kindness and make me titter a bit, asking me to keep my tail up...that's awfully sweet, thank you.

geonuc...as also, tnjrp says, I appreciate your comments about the use of microchip....in my despair and being delirious-minded, two days ago, I hadn't thought through and posed you the James Bond question, clutching at straws....sorry about that.

That's the one for future...i mean chipping and tracking...all people and pets would be chipped and trackable and matchable. There would be an international database for this. Parents / children / pets would never be separated...for too long. whatever am i thinking, right now. hmmm, yes.

closetgeek, the leash had been unclipped from Rosie's collar by a thief.
I wish it were true, what you say, possibly happened...well if Rosie had managed to do all that, she wouldn't've run away, she would have dashed into the shop and jumped straight at me.

megr...thank you for your kind words. really. thanks.

mugs.., yes the database in the UK is used for such identifying purposes as well.

Dear BD, please don't feel bad about what you say / think and said about your pet Sam, here. It's a most awful thing to have happened to him. And the fact that after so many years and this long a time, you feel so intensely about it, says something so so very wonderful about you. Your sensitivity is incredible. a good thing / sense / feeling /emotion to have. and not be hardened (!) by the passage of time.

As some people on the street told me Thursday...I, kind of, followed Rosie's trail, yesterday afternoon...she had been seen being 'walked' in a certain direction by two 'hoodies', moments after abduction...so i went down thataway and scanned along a certain radius....i heard a doggie yelping....like rosie did. ...couldn't see her..she was on a first floor balcony...... so nearing it, started to call out her name and 'speak' with her like i normally did. her response, sort of seemed convincing enough for me to call the police for further investigation. they duly arrived after half hour or so...kind of them. Sadly it wasn't Rosie.

This is so uncanny. This happened forty-eight hours after the event...give or take a couple of minutes. My heart was racing so madly with excitement, could hardly wait for the police to arrive...They re-assured me it wasn't wasting their time...

Thank you again dear BAUTzens....you keep me sane.

au revoir!


2009-Mar-22, 03:37 PM
What happened to the police followup on eventual video surveillance information? Danger is that often this information is not stored very long and might be overwritten...

2009-Mar-22, 09:30 PM
What happened to the police followup on eventual video surveillance information? Danger is that often this information is not stored very long and might be overwritten...

Hopefully the police will have the video tapes and have been scanning them, also the CCTV from the streets as I know there are quite a lot of external ones in London.

Just don't give up on her Mahesh, and pestering the police doesn't hurt either.

You just have to keep asking people, is there anyone you remember leaving the shop as you were entering it, they might have information on Rosie.
Thanks for your kind sentiments too Mahesh.

2009-Mar-25, 10:24 AM
Any update mahesh?

2009-Mar-25, 08:48 PM
Dear fellow BAUTzens!

There isn't any (in my opinion) concrete, positive (or otherwise), encouraging news to relay to you here, since Saturday!

I managed to get some photographs across to a few local vets' offices/pet support groups.

Have been shunted between three different police stations / precincts, in an attempt to get an update from their perspective. I shall eventually get there. Hopefully tomorrow.

gzhpcu, I am still none the wiser, about the police review of the CCTV tapes! yikes. I hope they are able to give me some assurance / answers in the morning.

chrissy, it is awfully sweet of you to think/mention that Rosie would be back by Monday.....if only that could / would have been true! Ah!

Mummy's anger / annoyance hasn't subsided any, on top of the fact that she's rather preoccupied and otherwise distracted, inexplicably.

I am sorry, have to dash off now...I'll be back, hopefully with some good news to share in the morning.

Thank you one and all for your concern and kind support. I need it so!

I miss Rosie. i hope she's okay, my sweet thing. She's only known love and warmth and care in her short life. and i hope that that hasn't changed at all, in the last few days.

I miss Lullie too. Really badly. Sending them both, warm hugs through space!
And through you BAUTzens! Thank you!


2009-Mar-26, 12:39 PM
Dear BAUTzens

As of mid-day, local, I am advised by the police to wait a couple of days for further developements, as they are unable to give me any information.

I'm going to approach the security guy at the store, as he was rather 'acquainted' with the alleged (my intuition/thinking/opinion) perpetrator of the sad event....he might be able to throw some more light on this sad affair. i tried yesterday, but he wasn't on the shift.

I hope Rosie is still in the neighbourhood and not sold onwards etc etc...more chances of me bumping into her. I am pleased in a way so many people know about this. complete strangers mention to me ..oh i heard about it..dog ...stolen...

so there are some 'ears to the ground' as it were....

The other day...no yesterday, I mentioned about mummy being pre-occupied...the reason is that mummy and Flynn are going to Scotland, over Easter holidays to spend time with Gramps...this is the first time ever, mummy has visited on her own. Normally the three of us go up for Flynn's birthday (Apl 13) / Easter etc.

So mummy, not surprisingly, is a bit, how shall I put it, apprehensive (?), about undertaking the trip on her own. I assure her nothing to be anxious about, albeit, she's making gradual preparations towards it...( ..and i don't have any clothes to wear...)...seems to me, like an indulgent project for her. Good.

I can concentrate on locating our sweetheart Rosie.

So long dear friends...

2009-Mar-26, 01:28 PM
Good luck Mahesh; that is a truely awful situation. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the silver lining will be the unparalleled joy you'll feel when reunited with your pup.

2009-Mar-26, 06:41 PM
Keep it up mahesh, your being tenacious will certainly increase the chances of your finding Rosie... We are all rooting for you to find your Rosie...:)

2009-Mar-28, 11:16 AM
Hello dear BAUTzens

Quiet Flows The Don Dogstory!

Police-wise...I haven't been able to contact / pin down, the assigned detectives to our case, who originally dealt with our event. They seem to be out in the streets a lot. Good show. I think.

But I would like some feedback. Oh i am not denigrating their sterling efforts to 'fight crime'. Ok. I am on the sunny side.

We put an ad on the gumtree site. Lurky, thanks for mentioning, but I think I should do the same at Craigslist! the one I hadn't heard of, until you mentioned it. I did check it out, there is no indication of Rosie there.

Perhaps I'll try Loot, this weekend. This is a UK daily, carries thousands of ads.

Got a few posters laminated and installed at libraries.
Our local Pet Rescue PDSA, have kindly helped me, fax poster / info to their other facilities and local vets, in a larger radius, than I could / have reached.

People on the street, some, with whom, I've never even spoken with before, ask me about Rosie...whether we found her yet.... so sweet...

Some people perhaps 'know' me from Lullie! when Lullie and I would go for walks / or to shops...because some exclaim 'where's your other dog'!...Lullie by the way is away with some friends, for a couple of months. She'll be back later. I miss her too.

Fazor, thanks for your sentiments. I appreciate your gesture.
And gzhp.. thanks for rooting....you keep well, we are rooting for you too....and here's to more grease for your tennis elbow
....don't know what it means, or I mean...but it sounded fine in my head!

nice weekend to ye all!

2009-Mar-28, 11:37 AM
How is your family, your boy Flynn, doing? I hope he's not too shocked by all this.

2009-Mar-28, 12:15 PM
Hey geo,
Flynn is fine.
We thought it would be wiser to withhold the details from him for a while.
Being diplomatic has its disadvantages, I know. Sorry. but we decided jointly, mummy and i to not expose Flynn to such shock at the moment. because that's what it would have been. We, well mummy, just said to him that Rosie is at the vets to have her operations, {so she wouldn't be 'on heat' (don't know how to explain it here, in my post)..because she was, for the last two weeks when she came to us} and that Rosie would have to stay, a few days, at the vet's, to recuperate....

This being the last week for school term...Easter soon...and Flynn's Birthday (next fornight), for which we nornmally go to Scotland to Gramps. ...Flynn is going to be away, until at least April 18...
so gives me a breathing space locating Rosie...here I go all optimistic and cruising on the sunny side....

{perhaps, we made a mistake, not telling him the harsh truth, right away! i don't know. i didn't want him subjected to the pain it would have caused him 'and rained on his birthday'}

This morning, Flynn has gone to his usual Saturday classes at the drama school. Last of the term...

thanks for asking geo.., yes Flynn is in fine fettle.

2009-Mar-28, 03:41 PM
Way to go mahesh, keep at it. By being active, the word spreads and the chances improve! Hang on in there! If still in the vicinity, wonder if Rosie could manage to escape... Keep your positive attitude, the BAUTers are rooting from the sidelines for you and Rosie...:)

2009-Mar-29, 12:25 PM
Hi All!

I have about two fifty, colour and b/w posters of Rosie and my pet (!) project for this afternoon is :

To (intrepidly) go where I have not gone before,
in search of that (thus far) elusive moment in time and space,
whence Rosie shall be re-united with us again.

I'll concentrate in the vicinity of the neighbourhood she was last reportedly seen at.
And go from there...
thanks everyone.

Oh my sweetheart Rosie...see you soon.....wait for me...

2009-Mar-29, 09:41 PM
I'll concentrate in the vicinity of the neighbourhood she was last reportedly seen at.
And go from there...
thanks everyone.

You have reports of people seeing her?? That is great news!! If she's out and about with someone then you're likely to find get her back, I think.

2009-Mar-29, 09:42 PM
I hope things go well in your hunt Mahesh and you have some good news.

2009-Mar-30, 07:54 AM
Good Morning BAUTzens

It was a worthwhile exercise yesterday afternoon/evening, door-to-door distributing leaflets.

Yes Josh, I had tangential accounts, not having spoken with the folk who had 'seen' Rosie..whenever it had been....

But yesterday, as I was 'doing my rounds', a family (the Murphys)...this guy and his wife both came out (within minutes) and they related that they had seen Rosie. The chappie was adamant that it was Rosie. He / they recognised her from the poster picture.

It transpires that it was Friday...making it March 20, late-ish, in the day after abduction, that he had seen Rosie, unattended / unaccompanied, near their home. He had called her to get her attention etc, but she 'ran off' after a brief while.

Our poor Rosie! I dread to think how she is now!

Anyway, I think I should pursue liaison with the Murphys. They did say to call them if I need to.

Another chappie, took a bunch of leaflets, his wife works at a local school, so farther distribution may help. People are so kind.

I have run out of gas and need to recharge my batteries today, as it were.

I need to go see the manager of the mall and perhaps review the CCTV tapes, he might let me. For my own peace of mind. Unless the police have taken them.

Thanks chrissy, for your continuing concern, I appreciate it.

Thank you all.

Happy day to y'all.


I'll get more posters done and repeat the exercise.
The local shop-keepers / owners have been so kind and marvellous too, with everything.
They'll keep an eye out too.

2009-Mar-30, 11:12 AM
Keep on keeping on Mahesh. Remember, as they say in golf, you miss 100% of the shots you don't take. I think you'll get your dog back.

mike alexander
2009-Mar-30, 06:15 PM
Mahesh, I'm saddened to find out about this.

Reading through (I may have missed something) is it possible she escaped, rather than being stolen? That some people think they saw her suggests escape.

Which can happen. You have a lot to do in life, juggling many things. All a pup has to do in life is figure out how to get out and play.

2009-Mar-30, 08:48 PM
Thanks for your thoughts.
Rosie has been stolen. She has / had no reason to escape. For anything.

Incidentally, I had an apologetic phone call, updating, from police this evening about seven. they are looking into the cctv coverage, still. trying to identify the perpetrator...they reckon he's a 'known' shoplifter...so they're going in that direction. i told them what we have been doing on our side of the fence.

we'll wait!

best wishes to all and thanks again Mike, BD!


2009-Mar-30, 09:20 PM
For those of you who didn't know already, mahesh has posted a couple pictures of Rosie on his User Profile in the Hello album. She's a nice looking dog and I hope she comes home to you soon.

Good luck to you, mahesh.

2009-Apr-06, 12:12 PM
Hello BAUTzens!

I do not have any positive updates to relay.
Having walked and continuing to walk 'the beat', where Rosie was last seen, all those fourteen days ago, I have bumped into people who are aware of her status.

I was putting up some posters, Saturday, on a few trees, when I bumped into a lady, who stopped and mentioned that she knows of this dog....you gave my husband some posters....oh The Teacher, I realised. It's just so nice, when people are so considerate and 'with it'. I feel a positive flow.

The police are still looking /reviewing the cctv tapes. There's a pet rescue org., a few miles from us, that I have so far overlooked. Silly me. I shall go see them (and take some posters for them) and alert them about Rosie.

On the sighting-front, mummy thinks she 'saw' Rosie....in a north-north-easterly direction, from the 'abduction epicentre'. This happened a few days ago. So I think we are in, roughly the right area, concentrating, posters-wise. Have been doing north-east housing complexes. Have to 'walk' the parks area, thataway, too.

I am going 'poster-hanging' this afternoon.

I realise that the many dogs/pets, I have come across in that area, during this past fortnight, the majority of them have been Staffies. Uncanny in a way. And some of the things that they have been doing are not nice....like being vicious, barking / snapping...oh generally being negative. Oh how some people treat / train / teach their pets! Such shame. Hoody-world is so weird.

street cred, if this is what it is, I don't want to see / feel any of it.

I don't even want to think about what Rosie might have been / is being subjected to...I shudder ....oh no, oh no.... I have to be positive. Rosie is fine.

ABR, thank you for your kind sentiments. Very nice of you. Thank you.

I appreciate all your support, dear BAUTzens. I really do.

best regards to you all. And Happy Easter!


2009-Apr-06, 12:40 PM
Just hang on in there mahesh. Hopefully the police might identify the perpetrator... Just another question: How about offering a reward for the return of your dog, no questions asked?

2009-Apr-06, 02:35 PM
I don't even want to think about what Rosie might have been / is being subjected to...

The vast majority of stolen pets wind up in homes that want.. pets.

You may yet get her back, particularly if she's brought into a vet. It will take time.

2009-Apr-06, 08:22 PM
Hi gzhpcu, mugs....

yes, as per your earlier suggestion too, the posters carry the statement of a reward and no questions aked....thanks for reminder...

mugs, it's awfully nice being patient in life, I can wait, but Flynn won't. (mummy definitely won't... i'm in the dog-house as it is...forgive the pun...)

Flynn and mummy are going to Scotland, visiting gramps, in the morning for Easter / Flynn's birthday. This will give me some space / time to concentrate on 'Rosie'.

I really hope, from the bottom of my heart, that I have some good news for you and particularly for my dearest Flynn (like we got Rosie back!!) when he's back..

thanks mugs. thanks gzhpcu. thanks all, ye all.

yes, gzhp...the police were saying that they would like to identify the lurking, hooded figure, enhancing imagery etc.......it might shed more light and solve the riddle...perhaps other cases...who knows...

2009-Apr-06, 09:23 PM
I'm still hopeful. :)

2009-Apr-07, 11:12 AM
Rosie, my dear, I miss you. And you too, Lullie!
I have no body to spoil, with room service.

Thanks geo... Me too.

2009-Apr-07, 11:35 AM
Good luck Mahesh, that's a really rotten thing to happen :/

2009-Apr-08, 01:21 AM
Yes slang...thanks....
There's Dustin Hoffman's Straight Time on, in the background...and I happened to turn around, watching a bit of the 'commotion'...they're robbing a bank. oh they walk away so casually afterwards....
just like the two morons who took Rosie away and walked nonchalantly through the green...

I am sitting here thinking about those two guys...don't they have a family?
Parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins...who would object to their inhuman behaviour and make them feel some shame,
for what they have done? Or are they all so indifferent towards other people and their lives around them?
Do they have no civic sense? No sense of common decency? Not even towards a totally harmless creature as a pet?
Animals / pets have feelings too! How could any body do such a callous thing?

2009-Apr-08, 05:31 AM
I am sitting here thinking about those two guys...don't they have a family?
Parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins...who would object to their inhuman behaviour and make them feel some shameUnfortunately, there are families where such things as stealing something are actually encouraged. Obviously I'm not pointing any fingers in this case, especially since there's been claims of seeing Rosie out on her own. It could just have been a malicious prank, setting her loose, so no family involvment there.

Animals / pets have feelings too! How could any body do such a callous thing?I'm sure I don't have to tell you how many (otherwise perfectly socially functional) people there are who think of dogs as nothing but stinky meat robots. Playthings with no true feelings, no true thoughts, no soul (well, I don't think they've a "soul" any more than I myself do but that's a different issue).

Anyway, I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that Rosie'll get lucky and find her way back home.

John Jaksich
2009-Apr-08, 05:50 AM
I am very sorry to hear of this...I can only imagine how dificult it can be for you...

please take heart I had recently heard of an incident where someone's pet leapt from a "yacht" at sea --- only to be re-united five months later in re-markably good shape... I don't know if it helps any but keep hoping for the best.

2009-Apr-08, 09:32 PM
Hi tnjrp....thanks for encouraging words....but Rosie was 'seen' a day, one day after her abduction....possibly not unaccompanied, by the morons who stole her, by that much time and space. I have observed that staffies do not need to be on leash all the time and they tend to stay close to whoever 'takes care' of them...it is killing me to say this...the guy / guys were probably not that far behind, when she was seen...
I still think that those guys are really bad and morons, unkind and have cruel nature.
And they have family that doesn't really care for them or anything or anybody else....I don't want it to become a complex analysis...suffice to say...they are awful, abominable and don't care for them. I am sorry to say this. I hate this feeling.

But I just want our Rosie back! That's it.

They can go merrily living their lives, without any thought or interference from me. I am too tired. Too angry with myself, for having left Rosie unattended, however briefly. And angry with the morons for stealing her. Too sad for Rosie. And my baby Flynn.

I wish, tnjrp, that your thoughts of Rosie making her way back would come true. It's kind of you.

and jaksichj, it's nice that the yacht-pet-owners had a happy result.
I try to walk on the sunny side.

Thanks for the thumbs up, y'all.

2009-Apr-08, 09:42 PM
And I keep seeing ads about dogs and everything to do with canines, all over, in this section at BAUT!

Boo hoo! I try, but can't feel 'happy'.

Paul Beardsley
2009-Apr-08, 10:11 PM
Just to add to the chorus, I really want you to get Rosie back.

It's well over a decade since I had a dog, but I still have strong memories of what the bond was like. She was really special, and if I was in your situation right now, I doubt I'd be able to cope.

I hope it helps, even a little, to know that others really feel for you.

2009-Apr-16, 06:07 PM
Nothing new, mahesh?

2009-Apr-16, 08:45 PM
Hello dear BAUTzens,

I do not, unfortunately, have any news for update. The Easter week and weekend is a long affair. Time seems stretched, when one is feeling not so good. I have dreams of Rosie and Lullie. Not bad, I don't think. Just dream-like visions in my sleep, when I do get zapped by the sandman/sandwoman.

Only that, I have got more flyers done today, and will go around some other areas. Stick some up. Drop some through letter-boxes. Contact the police / go see them. Persevere. I got told off, on a bus, by a lady (?) for staring at her staffie!

I wasn't staring at anything. Just cogitating about Rosie and Lullie, focused in the distance. I was going to add fuel to the fire, when I heard her yelling at me. Silly girl. She must have such a big chip on her shoulder. No, may be a potato! Why do people carry so much anger in their psyche? I nearly yelled back at her. Jerk.

I have to be positive and not let events like this one, rattle me.

Thank you Paul, thank you gzhp..., thank you all, dear friends.
I know, your thought are with me/us/Rosie. It is very encouraging.

You all have a lovely weekend.

2009-Apr-19, 11:13 AM
My apologies, that I expressed my feelings (well they do make me feel bad) about the two hoodies and that lady yelling at me for looking / staring ...what the...in her direction. I am overly sensitive about it. My nerves are frayed. I just want to scream.

Well I resolve to be positive and walk on the sunny side.

I am considering (at this point, don't know how serious I am or may become) to engage the services of a dog-medium! If such a being exists.

I am going ga-ga / nuts / doolalie. And particularly missing Lullie. I know she's fine and will be back, in the not too distant future. But I miss her intensely. And I want her friend, Rosie back with us.
And I want to give them a great big hug. And much mutual slobbery. So does Flynn.

I'll investigate the 'medium' aspects...I haver never got involved in this filed before. I don't expect to gain anything much, except expense, but .......

I can see you guys, rolling about laughing.....as chrissy would put it, RATFML...or whatever...

It's a sunny, cold afternoon. The Moonrise was lovely, this morning, briefly, then misted over...

I would welcome any thoughts about my embryonic idea of 'a medium'. thank you.

I need some good good good Rosie vibrations!

2009-Apr-19, 11:48 AM
I'll investigate the 'medium' aspects...I haver never got involved in this filed before. I don't expect to gain anything much, except expense, but .......

I can see you guys, rolling about laughing.....as chrissy would put it, RATFML...or whatever...

I would welcome any thoughts about my embryonic idea of 'a medium'. thank you.

Why not try? I would not place my expectations too high. Just go for it if it makes you feel better, and besides you never know...

2009-Apr-20, 09:15 AM
....Anyway, I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that Rosie'll get lucky and find her way back home.
..my italics

tnjrp, didn't Lassie, do this kind of stuff?
my first forays into the 'spirits/psychics' is leading me to lots of 'medium-sized dogs' sites....

2009-Apr-20, 11:03 AM
my first forays into the 'spirits/psychics' is leading me to lots of 'medium-sized dogs' sites....

something like this, sounds 'nuther way to Rosie...


2009-Apr-20, 11:17 AM
..my italicsSorry can't see it in initial quotes as they show up all italics for me...

tnjrp, didn't Lassie, do this kind of stuff?Well, yes tho I was rather speaking figuratively while trying to be encouraging as well. As I understand, when left on their own like Lassie was in the movie, dogs sadly more often tend to "go feral" than to actually find their way home.

Yes I know I can be a depressing person :(

And exceptions to the rule exist of course.

my first forays into the 'spirits/psychics' is leading me to lots of 'medium-sized dogs' sites....And I'd leave it at that unless I'd find a "medium" than is willing to work for free. But that's just me of course, I'm of a quite skeptical bend especially when it comes down to parting with my money for something with quite flaky evidence.

I don't think you'll need the additional grief of getting fleeced right now.

2009-Apr-20, 12:21 PM
tnjrp, by the italics, i meant ...that Rosie might find her way back home!!!

and my current obsession with the 'mediums',
only comes about through my imagining to fly through the air, hover, much like a helicopter, looking down and espying Rosie!..."Oh there you are baby. okay, let's go home!" .......

I'll be careful about being, you know, 'fleeced'

2009-Apr-26, 01:16 PM
Hello dears

Follow-up from previous days....

just that more posters hung up...
i miss Rosie, like crazy.

I do not believe that I have actually done this:

I have contacted a spiritualist!

He works / based in London and Denmark and also Norway.

I have told him a few things / basic stuff...and am waiting to hear from him, for further things that we need to, necessarily, do. I am excited, embarassed, mixed up...but if it helps get Rosie back with us, that's fine. Isn't it?

It's a gorgeous sunny afternoon. I hope Rosie is okay. I wish I could send her signal, to reassure her. And a cuddle.

That's all.......

2009-Apr-26, 07:27 PM
as chrissy would put it, RATFML...or whatever...

:D it is: ROTFLMAO....

I hope you get a lead, no pun intended there Mahesh.