View Full Version : Can someone explain this to me?

2009-Mar-19, 05:03 PM
The WMAP Cold Spot or CMB Cold Spot.

I've read what I could find online, and I think I get it. But is this supposed to be an "empty" portion of space. As in there are no galaxies and very few if any stars located in it. In theory that is, I do not know of we could resolve anything that far away.

2009-Mar-19, 07:41 PM
It's a large, cold spot in the microwave background. Though a foreground void has been proposed as an explanation, this does not seem to be the case*. I don't think anyone currently knows the explanation.

* http://arxiv.org/abs/astro-ph/0405341

2009-Mar-19, 07:48 PM
Well, I take that back....

...the WMAP cold spot coincides with an enormous void that has grown to around 900 million light years across. Located about 8 billion years away, the void contains about 20 to 45 per cent fewer galaxies than you would expect.

So the void is not totally devoid of galaxies - it just has fewer than average...

Here (http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg19626311.400) is an article describing the most speculative of explanations....